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The Week In Links—April 17

Another day, another pole fail. (Photo by Flickr user K J Payne)
Another day, another pole fail. (Photo by Flickr user kyle92)

former stripper was in a car accident involving a pole which created the most unnecessary and  painful reading experience of the week.

Sex workers that are refugees have special needs and concerns. This editorial argues that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) needs to work harder to reach the sex working refugee committee.

Thousands of sex workers gathered in Seoul to protest the Special Law on Prostitution and the human rights and safety violations it allows:

“The police take photos of the naked bodies of female sex workers during a crackdown. Since condoms are used as a major source of evidence, women who are being apprehended sometimes swallow them,” Kang said.

Woman sacked by the Dutch central bank over her second job as…Wait, what?

Indian actress Charmi Kaur plays a sex worker in her latest film, Jyothilakhsmi, and some people are less than thrilled about it.

Eren, at Muslimah Media Watch, parses recent reports of an Arab sex worker finding Muslim clients by offering nikah mut’ah, or temporary marriage, and the Orientalism behind the “Muslim girl gone bad” fetishes:

So it seems that “bad” Muslim girls are not only hot and liberated, but they fit with the overall assumption that everything “exotic” should be up for Western consumption.

Remember how Saskatchewan is banning strippers from bars because it would promote “the criminal element”? The provincial government has decided that there is, after all, one safe space for strippers to perform: charity events.

Bristol, UK, sex workers have a new place to go should they need a safe space at night: Bristol has opened a night-time drop-in center which will be open from midnight to 6 AM.  The center:

 …teams provide women with food, hot drinks, showers, free clothes and much more to meet immediate needs, plus crisis care for women who turn up with emergency health needs or following an attack.

A widow hired two strippers to dance at her husband’s funeral.  “Sexy coffin dance” of mourning or singlehood celebration?

There’s a new player on the field of cupcake activism, but a more altruistic and harm-reduction focused one: Kathleen Quirk, a former sex worker herself, walks Las Vegas strolls and hands out cookies, money, and cigarettes.  This focus on the least glamorous and most marginalized population of sex workers is a breath of fresh air, as is her willingness to accept workers where they are at.

Christchurch street workers need and deserve access to a toilet.  Neighbors say that a toilet would just encourage the presence of more workers, but isn’t the alternative worse for the neighborhood?

The neighbors are getting gosh darn sick of the noise coming from the STRIPPER SCHOOL in Lutz, Florida.

Tyler Coates wrote a good review for the 11-year-old film, Mysterious Skin, about the aftermath and different reactions of two boys who were molested in a small Kansas town.  While one blacks out the trauma, the other goes on to become a gay sex worker and the movie follows him as he moves to NYC at the height of the HIV epidemic.

The Kentucky Derby is the latest [and most laughable] sporting event to attract trafficking furor.  Honestly, have any of these people been to Derby?

Should bikini baristas be regulated like strippers? are bikini baristas even sex workers? Savannah of SWOP-Seattle says yes though the article frames bikini barista owner Sarah Birnel as disagreeing though she says nothing in  substantial disagreement with Savannah:

“When a woman is actually saying, ‘You know what? I’m going to make money. I’m going to make money with what I’ve got,’ how is that not empowering?”

Which is just a basic sex worker credo all the way back to Nell Gwyn and beyond.

Talk about tasteless! Ice cream maker Milk Cult just named a flavor Bangkok Brothel.

All hail this sex worker who called herself the  “best prostitute in all of Pennsylvania, if not the galaxy,” called the police hypocrites for arresting her and then published their dick pics as revenge. Sadly, the article is fake, but it’s still inspirational.


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