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The Week In Links: May 13

Police are now suggesting more than one serial killer has been using Long Island’s Gilgo Beach for hiding (female, often sex worker) victims’ remains.

Pictures have been released of two men wanted for questioning about the assault and robbery of two different prostitutes working in midtown Manhattan. (Yes, the article is tone deaf and offensive—yet the Gothamist’s rewrite manages to be even more so—but look at these pictures if you work in New York!)

Audacia Ray is on the Ms. blog writing about amnesty for sex workers and the Long Island murders, while Melissa Gira Grant writes about the consequences of sex worker stigmatization for The Guardian.

Escorts are writing letters of support for their Miami agency owner, who’s been accused of coercing women into prostitution.

This story would be so much cooler if the Christian weatherman refused to work on a day when strip clubs were treated badly in the news.

Salt Lake City is passing new laws to try to stop sex workers from screening clients to weed out undercover cops.

Houston is hosting a strip club-set opera.

Patton Oswalt is pretty much doing Chris Rock’s old keep-your-daughter-off-the-pole routine.

Yes, strippers exaggerated their earnings to get no-doc mortgages. The kicker to this story is so true. Here’s an amazing look at the mortgage brokers’ memos about stripper earnings.

The Week In Links: May 6

Stephen Soderbergh, director of The Girlfriend Experience, is coming out of early retirement to make a movie about a male stripper. Mr. Soderbergh, meet Ms. Fey: you two are both certifiably Obsessed With Sex Workers! Welcome to the club.

Kansas is (unsurprisingly) using trafficking rhetoric to push its (otherwise failed) attempts at restricting adult-oriented businesses.

Colorado is reconsidering its john schools bill.

Breaking news: pole dancers can be pretty amazing dancers.

India’s Supreme Court cites literature while affirming that prostitutes can be “women of very high character.”

Rwandan outreach workers explain “It was not an easy task to convince [sex workers] to abandon what they were doing and start this activity of collecting garbage from homes.”

The Week In Links: April 29

As bodies continue to be uncovered in Long Island, LI sex workers arm themselves for work. Meanwhile, local police keep “cracking down” on prostitutes, claiming that their press for arrests was in place before the serial killer gained national attention.

Audacia Ray offers a concise critique of the so called “superheroes” of New York who are pledging to protect prostitutes from the Long Island serial killer with their martial art skills. Everything about their approach and the media surrounding it is, frankly, a bunch of unhelpful paternalistic bullshit.

A photo has been released of the Seattle man charged with raping and torturing a sex worker. Police are asking other victims to come forward. .

Brooke Magnanti (Belle De Jour) addresses the obfuscation and hysteria that dominates discussions of  trafficking, porn, and sex work.

Hawaii is considering two different bills to suppress prostitution, neither of which is well-considered.

A former stripper is suing a Detroit strip club for firing her after she refused to perform sex acts on customers. Check out the video; the plaintiff uses the term “modern day sex slaves” but doesn’t provide any evidence of coercion and instead talks rampant drug use by her fellow dancers and ends with a moral plea to protect women from stripping altogether. The strip club owner admits there’s drug use at his club, but points out that there’s drug (ab)use in many professions.

Dickish Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew fame is running for mayor of Miami on the platform of requiring strippers to buy work permits. (“Fellas, relax,” he tells the customers. Because god knows dudes spending their expendable income shouldn’t be the ones paying more when you can tax the women trying to make a living.)

Police are looking into unsolved prostitute murders across the entire country in attempt to connect them with a recently charged serial killer suspect from Reno. Joseph Naso is charged with murdering four women. The media is speculating that some of those women were prostitutes but the police won’t confirm.

The Week In Links: April 22

The New York Times personality profile of the Long Island killer, who called at least one of his victim’s families to taunt them about her murder.

There’s a strange, ominous posting on a Long Island message board threatening one of the women found dead.

Seattle police ask for information about “bondage room” rapist who kidnapped a prostitute, offer amnesty to sex workers with information.

La Salle University student paper goes topless when administrators ask them to put a story about a professor who hired strippers “below the fold.” The professor has been suspended.

Business Insider makes much ado about a stripper who snuck into Google. The CEO of the company that made Farmville has been granted a restraining order against her.

“In my 20s I danced to “Like a Prayer” as a stripper without once thinking of the irony” “Madonna, my partner in aging” by Christine McDonald.

The infamous “Duke stripper” has been charged with the murder of her boyfriend.

A former member of 98 degrees (a ’90s boy “band,” in case you’ve forgotten) will be working at Chippendale’s.

The Week In Links: April 15

Rick’s in Las Vegas closes. Wonder how things are going for the first publicly traded gentlemen’s club corp?

La Salle University professor hires lap dancers to perform in class.

TSA: Your Ass is in Our Hands porn parody trailer

“Hipster strip club” gets liquor license; won’t have strippers.

SWOP’s safety tips for escorts in Long Island serial killer coverage

Silvio Berlusconi: Captain Save-A-Ho

Quebec school district fires office employee who performed in porn.

France may make paying for sex a crime

Oregon’s Senate passes ostensible anti-trafficking bill allowing liquor board to check IDs in strip clubs