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The Week In Links: May 13

Police are now suggesting more than one serial killer has been using Long Island’s Gilgo Beach for hiding (female, often sex worker) victims’ remains.

Pictures have been released of two men wanted for questioning about the assault and robbery of two different prostitutes working in midtown Manhattan. (Yes, the article is tone deaf and offensive—yet the Gothamist’s rewrite manages to be even more so—but look at these pictures if you work in New York!)

Audacia Ray is on the Ms. blog writing about amnesty for sex workers and the Long Island murders, while Melissa Gira Grant writes about the consequences of sex worker stigmatization for The Guardian.

Escorts are writing letters of support for their Miami agency owner, who’s been accused of coercing women into prostitution.

This story would be so much cooler if the Christian weatherman refused to work on a day when strip clubs were treated badly in the news.

Salt Lake City is passing new laws to try to stop sex workers from screening clients to weed out undercover cops.

Houston is hosting a strip club-set opera.

Patton Oswalt is pretty much doing Chris Rock’s old keep-your-daughter-off-the-pole routine.

Yes, strippers exaggerated their earnings to get no-doc mortgages. The kicker to this story is so true. Here’s an amazing look at the mortgage brokers’ memos about stripper earnings.


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