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What The Fuck, Justin Bieber?

image via @1real_diamond
image via @1real_diamond

What the fuck, Justin Bieber, here’s the pile of money you dropped at a strip club in Houston last month.

What the fuck, Justin Bieber, here’s a video alleged escort Tatiana took of you sleeping at a party where you made attendees sign nondisclosure agreements.

cached image from since-deleted @gabydelcampo
cached image from since-deleted @gabydelcampo

What the fuck, Justin Bieber, here’s a photo of money Gaby Del Campo tweeted out about receiving from you.

What the fuck, Justin Bieber, here you are scurrying out of a brothel in Rio de  Janeiro.

What the fuck, Justin Bieber, this Panamanian prostitute told a newspaper about your dick.

What the fuck, Justin Bieber, moralizing columnists are tearing their hair out, saying that your behavior is due to your exploitation as a child, which sounds strangely familiar.

What the fuck, Justin Bieber, at least admit that you slept with a prostitute. It’s cool.

Seriously, Justin Bieber, it’s fine. We know Brazil was hard for you.

When Miley Cyrus pulled some strip club moves to hasten her transition from child star to adult pop singer, we understood what was going on, even if we found it problematic. But that was nothing compared to the storm of Bieber news that hit this week, starting with reports from South American prostitutes that he had visited, and culminating with one posting a video of him sleeping on YouTube.

Justin, are you seeing sex workers as a way to assert your manhood? Were you ambushed by these leaks or are you deliberately seeking out sex workers who are heavy users of social media in order to disseminate your Adult Behavior? Who’s giving you advice, Justin?

If these women are just going to the press for the fun of it or the personal publicity, we have something to say: This is disappointing behavior, but also kind of awesome, and we are having a hard time reconciling the two. Violating the implied compact of consort-client privilege is ethically problematic, but so is the power imbalance inherent when a very rich white pop star is patronizing working women in South America and asking them to sign confidentiality agreements and confiscating their phones. Bieber (or his bodyguards) could seriously disappear women, so it’s hard to fault the logic behind getting a little leverage.

Sex workers and celebrities alike should exercise a discretion. Remember when Rihanna posted those photos of  Thai strippers? That got someone arrested. It’s as if a  public dalliance with a sex worker is a rite of passage for famous people (“Look Mom, I am so rich!”) and it shouldn’t be.  And the same goes for sex workers—hey, it’s super cool that you got to hang with so-and-so but don’t put a picture or video online. Don’t you want repeat business?

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  1. What a load of rubbish. Rich clients are reserved for a very specific strata of the sex worker community, and many of the workers Bieber is making it rain on have probably NEVER had a client of his wealth before.

    You can’t say ‘cool’ on the one hand and then tut-tut with the other.

    If Bieber wanted his exploits kept secret, I’m sure any of his minders could find a worker/s who is the bastion of ‘high-class’ and discretion within minutes, load her with money, and nobody ever need know.
    You are right in suggesting he is cultivating an image. It’s appropriatively called ‘ratchet’.

    Final note: this is the guy who said rape ‘happens for a reason’. What an arsehole!

  2. Hi, folks. I live and work in Rio, studying prostitution as an anthropologist. Here’s some things you should know about Justin’s spree…

    1) The sauna Justin went to was very high end. It costs 150 dollars just to breathe the air in there. Sex starts at about 200 an hour.

    2) Still, centaurus is one of the most visible and obvious high-end places in our sex-scape – and Rio’s sexscape contains some 300 points were sex is sold. Justin could very easily have gotten his ashes hauled in complete confidentiality. He obviously chose not to.

    3) Justin was an INCREDIBLE haul for the woman he took out of Centaurus. Word is she got about 2000 bucks, which is 10 times her regular fee.

    4) In spite of what you might have learned about Rio from watching the Simpsons and “Tourists”, Justin and his entourage would have a VERY hard time disappearing a sex worker in this town. I mean, I’m sure it could be done by anyone who’s rich enough, but it would be extremely expen$$$$$$ive for a high-profile gringo celebrity. Brazilian cops don’t kneel and pull their forelocks when they see someone like Bieber behaving as he does: they lick their chops.

    5) Cariocas are more concerned about his spray-painting a hotel wall and pitching a violent fit in the Copacabana Palace’s lobby thatn we are about Justin´s trip to Centaurus.

    6) I don’t think Justin is “abusing these women. Look at Tatí in that video: she’s stoked as hell! That’s not the face of someone who’s taking evidence because she’s afraid she’ll be abused or disappeared: that’s someone taking memorabilia pictures.

    7) If Justin Bieber – or any celebrity, for that matter, male or female – wants a sex life, sex workers are a pretty good option, given that they’ll be more likely to go away in the morning than a groupie. Celebrity/celebrity sex is probably something like old royal weddings, too. Very complicated. Given that, a lot of money, and a willing and nice sex worker, why the hell not? We don´t have to build sweaty fantasies of Justin having been abused to explain his predeliction for paid sex.

    8) Obviously, Justin doesn’t give a wet rat’s ass what people think about him paying for sex.

    • If, as you say, he could have had his “ashes hauled” (that’s a new one for me) at a more discreet location but chose not to, obviously he does give a wet rat’s ass about what people think of him paying for sex. I could write more, but instead I’ll just reference you to Tristan’s comment above, they already said it perfectly.

      Thank you for explaining, on a blog FOR AND BY people in the business, the reasons why a celebrity would access the services of a sex worker. They pay me to leave?! Why, I never realized before!

  3. Not defending the Beib because well he *is* an obnoxious little asswipe. But as someone who has seen her fair share of celebrity clients, it’s fairly common practice for mobile phones to be confiscated and privacy agreements signed before the booking. Lol even loser X-Factor finalists do this…like I didn’t even know who your sorry ass was were until your PR and security people made a big deal about me seeing you and made me sign a confidentiality clause!

  4. I’m that bitch that tweets and blogs about famous people if I get a chance, OR if the session was worth it aside from the money. Repeat business my ass. He is not making you his regular lady. Put Justin in your phone and text him afterwards. LOL there.

  5. No lie, My first reaction to the video she posted after smashing him and putting him to sleep was “Yaaaassss Bitch! Go IN!!!!”…

    I’m sticking with that reaction.

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