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The Week In Links: September 23

Scarlett Johansson poses with strippers from the Crazy Horse (www.thesuperficial.com)

Days after her naked photo scandal erupted, Scarlett Johannson was spotted partying with Kieran Culin at famed Parisian strip club Crazy Horse.

NYC cabbies who object to strip club ads on moral grounds can now refuse them

Porn performers Andy San Dimas and Bobbi Starr appear in Drive, which stars Ryan Gosling (who sadly is not a porn performer).

A well respected prosecutor has been suspended without pay from the New York Attorney General’s office after colleagues discovered that she moonlights as a dominatrix.

Las Vegas cop-turned-author Christopher Baughman spoke with the Las Vegas Sun about his new book, Off the Street, which tells of his work in the Metro Police’s Pandering Investigation Team.

Terri-Jean Bedford, who’s billed herself “Canada’s most famous dominatrix,” spoke with The Globe and Mail about her new memoir.

Pueblo Rape Crisis and the YWCA of Pueblo, Colo., co-sponsored the third annual “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” march, in which a group of 50 men from the community marched in stilettos. Like SlutWalk, the event aimed to show solidarity with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Last Sunday was National AIDS/HIV and Aging Awareness Day.

A study in Zurich shows that the majority of the city’s sex workers are Hungarian.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian featured a story on Kink.com porn star and director Donna Dolore.

New York Magazine takes a long look at the life of Diane Passage, sexworker and ex-wife of Kenneth Star, the infamous Ponzi-schemer said to have lost his “his moral compass partly as a result of infatuation with his young fourth wife.”

A Montreal dance collective will perform in a strip club, prompting this dance critic to examine stripping as dance performance. 

Rapper Wiz Khalifa defends ex-stripper girlfriend, Amber Rose, after the media released nude photos of her this summer.

Zimbabwe’s circulation of US dollar bills attracts immigrant prostitutes from other African countries.

Vancouver’s new plan to address the sex-trade is met with tentative praise and thoughtful critique by prominent sex-work advocacy group and the Vancouver Sun publishes this Opinion piece  and this article about the 3 years and 29 page plan in the making.

San Jose, California escorts beware, SJPD is cracking down on prostitution through the internet since their strapped budget eliminated the on-the-ground vice unit.

In Wisconsin, police are attacking escorts from another angle: licensing fees. Can’t prove a certain masseuse or woman companion is a prostitute? Well, at least let’s make some money for the city by charging the escort (not the client obviously) a license to have one or a penalty for not.

Pamela Anderson also went to visit a strip club.

Ballerinas in Bermingham battle the opening of a nearby strip club. 

Another Toddlers and Tiaras cringeworthy moment has little Eden Wood shedding clothes and slapping her own butt.  

A Las Vegas police officer discusses the shift from arresting and rearresting prostitutes to convicting pimps.

The Georgia Supreme Court will decide whether to allow a Decatur strip club to stay open until 7am to serve breakfast. 

Review of Americano, the movie with Salma Hayek as a stripper and prostitute.

Ontario’s green party candidate, Kevin O’Donnell discusses police priorities and sex worker rights.

Here at Tits and Sass we don’t usually report on underage sex trafficking because, unlike many other information outlets, we believe that sex trafficked minors and adults engaging in consensual sex work are completely different. With that said, this week the New Jersey senate unanimously approved a bill protecting children from being criminally charged with prostitution if they are arrested for sex work. 

In Florida, a prostitute was arrested after performing oral sex on a police officer’s rubber penis (Police are not allowed to show their genitals during undercover busts so this one brought a dildo along). This is the same area where questionable police conduct was highlighted after an undercover detective paid two women to perform sex acts on each other.

Ex-stripper Leigh Redhead writes a crime novel starring a brainy stripper/part-time investigator.

Hungarian prostitutes flood Zurich facing great challenges as immigrant sexworkers yet still claim they are not victims of sex trafficking despite the opinions of Swiss researchers and authorities.

A Washington DC councilman introduces a bill called, “Moratorium on Strip Clubs, Topless Bars, Gentlemen’s Clubs or Adult Entertainment Establishments in Ward 5 Act of 2011.” restricting strip clubs in the area.

Michigan strip club sued for copyright infringement on songs played in the club that were not bought from BMI.

Strip club ordered to pay 1.75 million dollars to the family of a woman killed by a driver who had gotten drunk at club.

This article explores the differences between female customers watching male strippers and male customers watching female dancers.

Anne Mayne defends her statements that sexwork is sexual exploitation and cites Melissa Farley’s research.

So-called experts debate Czech bill on legalizing prostitution.

Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, T-Pain team up on a serenade to strippers. 

Approximately 1600 Korean prostitutes adorned in baseball caps and face masks gathered in Seoul to protest laws that increase the punishment of prostitution and recent police crackdowns (Incredible photographs included in article!).

The Good Man Project shares a story of one western man’s temptation with prostitution on an 11 month trip to China. He ends up choosing celibacy and spewing sex-negative propaganda. 

BC legal organization pulls out of government lead Missing Women Commission of Inquiry stating that sexworker and aboriginal groups are placed at a disadvantage. 

In Toronto, Linda Beaudoin pushes for licensing on children’s entertainers noting that she had to comply with far more restrictions when she was an exotic dancer than when she worked as clown and that there’s nothing inherently safe about an adult stranger playing with your kids just because he/she dressed up as a Santa, a clown, or a magician.

This article from Gender Across Borders delves into the use of the word “hooker” in society, citing the Hipster Hooker and the New York Post‘s use of the word. Be sure to check out the entire Tsk Tsk: Shame, Stigma, and Sexuality series.


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