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The Week In Links: September 21

We like you for your atypically fun, glowing tourist report, Ian.

“I watched a stripper spend significant amounts of her time onstage giving the devil horns to a gaggle of hella burley metal dudes who cheered like proud parents”: Portland Comedian Ian Karmel wrote a truly great tourist report about what makes Portland strip clubs special. If Tits and Sass gave out rewards, this would receive one.

The Vancouver group Downtown Eastside Sex Workers United Against Violence Society were granted standing to challenge antiprostitution laws, including those prohibiting brothels, outdoor solicitation, and “living off the avails of prostitution.”

Have you ever wondered about making a steam-powered vibrator? There is a Kickstarter for A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex which will include chapters on Victorian and modern sex work.

Gizmodo dove into camgirling with “Indentured Servitude, Money Laundering, and Piles of Money: The Crazy Secrets of Internet Cam Girls (NSFW).”

Georgina Perry wrote about the impact of Olympics-related sex trafficking hysteria on one London sex worker outreach organization.

Speaking of hysteria: “RNC’s boost to strip clubs less than expected.” We could have told you that was coming.

Sasha Grey has a book deal for The Juliette Society, an erotic fiction novel. The tagline is:  “Fight Club set in a highly sexualized world with an assertive female protagonist.”

James Deen spoke against proposed legislation (Los Angeles County’s Measure B) requiring condoms for porn performers.


  1. oh, Christ.

    “If you think cam girls—those flirty naked characters that plague porn site pop-up ads—are raking in easy money, you’re right. If you think cam girls are bleakly stripping online out of desperation, you’re also right.”

    ohhh, Gizmodo. that’s really, really, really, really, REALLY not a good start.


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