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The Week in Links: October 7

The Athens Vertical Pole Academy announces an upcoming breast cancer benefit performance

Melissa Gorga of Real Housewives of New Jersey denies rumors that she is a former stripper.

Two Pakistani police officers got caught on the wrong side of a sting operation. They were arrested at the Multan brothel, where a madam claimed that they had been extorting money.

Courtney Love has announced that she’s working on a memoir—we hope she talks about her days as a stripper!

The World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness Championship was held just outside of Budapest last weekend. Alesia Vazmitzl of Belarus won the women’s gold medal, and Evgeny Greshilov of Russia won the men’s.

Minneapolis and New York City hosted SlutWalks last weekend.

A writer at BusinessInsider.com suggests a new iPhone app to pay for lap dances when customers are low on cash.

A UK woman hired a stripper to entertain guests at her 100th birthday party, which appears to have been held at a nursing home.

Melissa Petro is blogging about sex work for Bitch.

The former chairperson for the Ontario College of Teachers’ disciplinary panel resigned this week when peers discovered that he was writing soft-core porn.

Vivd has offered recently acquitted Amanda Knox a role in a porn film.

Do you live with more than three roommates who you’re not related to? In Chicago? That officially means you live in a brothel (you whore!), according to an outdated law that’s recently come under public scrutiny.

Oh no! Waco’s Fat Ho Burgers is closed. Charlotte wrote about the name here.

Belle de Jour on how Ashton Kutcher might have been cheating with a semi-pro; the Awl’s AK divorce fantasy. “A went back to his hotel and stared out the window and tried to imagine how many people in San Diego were victims of human trafficking. He decided it was probably about a million.”

Everyone always wants to talk about the strippers when the possibility of switching to dollar coins comes up. They get along fine in Canada, the U.K., and every other place in the world that doesn’t have paper money in denominations less than 5.


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