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The Week in Links: October 21

Diane Passage shares her secrets in a New York Post column this week.

In a New York Post advice column, Diane Passage—”former stripper turned lady of leisure”—shares her secrets for getting men to do what she wants.

A “prostitute orgy” funded by Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been making headlines this week.

New York Assistant Attorney General Alisha Smith has resigned due to allegations by the New York Post that she was moonlighting as a dominatrix.

Steven Hobbs, former Houston security guard, is a suspect in the deaths of at least two sex workers, and the sexual assault of several others.

The Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas recently opened Night School 4 Girls, a 70-minute pole and burlesque dance class that’s “designed to take the art of seduction to the next level.”

The Young Turks weigh on an Oklahoma City man known as the “video vigilante,” who secretly tapes prostitutes and clients, and then broadcasts the tapes online and exposes the clients to their families.

Street workers in Vancouver have complained of police extorting sexual favors.

Sesame Street fans got a surprise last weekend when a hacker reprogrammed the show’s YouTube page with porn.

An Arizona man confessed to hacking into the Comcast cable broadcast of the 2009 Superbowl, interrupting the program with a 37-second porn clip.

In an interview with ThinkProgress.com, Tom Morello (guitarist for Rage Against the Machine) talks about his new comic book, Orchid, whose title character is a teenage prostitute. Morello also admits to being a former stripper himself.

Blogger Greta Christina wrote a post about the “power of choice” in sex work.

Girlfriend Experience director Steven Soderbergh shot scenes in the Bay Area last weekend for Magic Mike. The film stars Channing Tatum and is about Tatum’s pre-Hollywood days when he worked as a male stripper. Co-star Matt Bomer has been complaining of the difficulty of putting on a thong for his scenes, claiming that he initially put it on wrong and his “junk didn’t fit in it.”


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