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The Week In Links: October 19

Seattle feminist group Grrl Army made the news with a spectacular bright pink graffiti paint job on a closed motel. Slogans promoting sex workers’ rights covered the building. The video above comes from KOMO.

British activist Kat Banyard has bad feels about sex work (“The sex industry held itself up as the promised land of feminism”). Leave it to Melissa Gira Grant to respond in animated GIFs.

Amanda Brooks reviewed Legal Tender, a former Nevada legal brothel madam’s memoir. It’s five years old but it’s always worth reading Amanda’s thoughts on the subject.

The Guardian asks if strip clubs are normalized for today’s twentysomething man.

The East Bay Express published a cover story about the new breed of literate, educated sex worker activists. It reads as something of a West Coast partner piece to last week’s feature on NYC activists on Narrative.ly.

Helen Hunt talks about playing a sex surrogate in The Sessions.

Congratulations to King of Diamonds dancer and video vixen Blac Chyna on the birth of her son.

Sexy Baby, a documentary about online pornography’s producers and viewers, screens in New York and Los Angeles through the next week, and comes out on VOD November 6th.

There is something called the Zumba Prostitution Case and it is a good reminder not to make a record of your illegal activities unless you are much, much better at hiding it.



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