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The Week In Links: October 12

It took us a while to realize that the joke in this ad was “bust a nut” and not “crack a nut.”

Narratively has a feature on sex work activism that features our own “Ask A Pro,” Sarah Patterson.
The Naussau County NY District Attorney wrote about her decision to prohibit prosecutors in her office from using condoms as evidence in prostitution cases. While “Few defendants are more worthy of compassion than sex workers” is a little condescending, her action is admirable.

Someone wrote to an advice columnist asking how they could show their appreciation for a local strip club that “really takes care of the local residents and members of the community — from contributing to schools to supporting food pantries.” Give them five stars on Yelp, of course.

Californians: Here’s a piece on why the frightening Proposition 35 won’t help trafficking survivors.

Melissa Petro wrote about Tiffany Webb, a guidance counselor who was fired over her past as a lingerie model, for XOJane.

Tracey Quan reviews Taken 2, and its creepy concoction of sex trafficking and paternalism, for the Daily Beast.

Strip club Swinging Richard’s gains a victory for male full frontal in Miami Beach.

Houston strip clubs have filed suit challenging the city’s new pole tax, a $5 per patron tax intended to fund rape kit processing.

An Xbiz poll shows that porn industry workers support Obama 5-1 over Romney, which is reasonable considering that Romney wants to crack down on porn.


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