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The Week in Links: November 4

We’re excited about the upcoming campy Brit horror-comedy, Strippers Vs. Werewolves.

West Hollywood celebrated Go-Go Dancer Appreciation Day over Halloween weekend.

Should porn stars pay for porn?

Sex workers discuss why we should be joining the Occupy Wall Street movement.

A strip club bust in Illinois resulted in three arrests.

LA Weekly published news of SWAAY’s sex work billboard project.

The owner of Escorts.com, Richard Cohen, was ordered to pay $6.4 million after two convictions of money laundering. Jenny DeMilo weighs in.

The Wisconsin State Assembly has determined that watching pornography at work is grounds for revocation of a teacher’s license. Someone had to ruin it for everyone!

A new UK Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner has stated publicly that he believes decriminalization will help improve the lives of UK sex workers.

 Lou Reed and Metallica joined forces to create “possibly the worst album ever“: a concept album about Jack the Ripper. Didn’t Spinal Tap come up with that idea a couple decades ago? And weren’t they joking?

Canadian adult entertainment awards looking for nominations for your favorite sex workers

Discrepancies over the value of a donation to the Erotic Heritage Museum made by Harry V. Mohney, founder of Déjà vu Consulting, have led to an IRS audit and lawsuit.

An Australian man admits to cutting up his prostitute girlfriend’s body with a power saw, but not killing her. Predictably, his lawyer is centering the defense around the victim’s vocation. Meanwhile, there is an Australian Prostitution Bill that includes prostitute licensing.

Only one person is permitted to be naked at any given time at the nude art exhibit at New York City’s New Museum.

T.I. on ATL strip clubs, for those of you planning your winter strip trips.

Sigh, New York Department of Environmental Conservation employee spent over 500 work hours on phone sex lines. Sounds like Thomas “Pat” Bohannan and also like this poor guy.

Dia de los Muertos demonstration of over 100 Mexican sex workers in Mexico City

Bobbi Starr calls out The Guardian: “The media rarely reports on a suicide — unless there’s sex workers involved.”

Sugar daddy hysteria hits the UK.


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