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The Week In Links: November 30

The video above is of Jennifer Lawrence during an interview on Leno giving a clinic on how not to enjoy the American treasure that is (almost dead certainly) Atlanta’s famed dive strip club, the Clermont Lounge. She insults the strippers and asks for change!

The Journal of Sex Research published “Pornography Actresses: An Assessment of the Damaged Goods Hypothesis” last week. Findings included shockers like the fact that porn performers weren’t abused as children at a higher rate than the general population and that women working in porn had higher self esteem than other women.

Giving prostitutes cellphones = endangering public health? That’s the thrust of this New York Times article, “Cellphones Reshape Prostitution in India, and Complicate Efforts to Prevent AIDS.” An actual worker’s take on being able to make her own appointments, though? “Now, I earn the money, I keep the money.Another response to suspicion of technology.

“Criminalization happens on the ground, not in the legislature”: Emi Koyama on the 2012 National Harm Reduction Conference, Prop 35, and the need for a anti-criminalization movement.

Evangelical crusader Scott Lively took credit for the gas line explosion that leveled a strip club in Springfield, Mass., crediting it to his prayers. In reality, it seems that human error was to faultEnjoy Copyranter’s “12 Best Safe-For-Work Porn Ads” even if, like us, all porn ads are safe for your work.

The branding and marketing efforts of America’s most successful stripper, Dita Von Teese, are profiled in the NYT.

Feminist Ire has some strong words on the harmful consequences stemming from the prohibitionist  “Swedish model” of criminalizing sex work clients.

A high-rise “mega-brothel/sex hotel” has received approval to be built in Auckland.

Meanwhile, Nevada’s Mustang Ranch is suffering from the recession. Maybe if Nevada brothels could be in urban hotels instead of doublewides they’d be faring better?


  1. As an Atlanta resident, her description of the Clermont is dead on.

    Honestly I’ve always found the Clermont to be a bit sad. It’s not a place where the women are really appreciated and celebrated; they’re more like sideshow freaks. The hipsters are always coming in to drink Pabst and laugh at the old strippers.


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