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The Week in Links—November 21st

Walt Goggins as Venus Van Dam
Walt Goggins as Venus Van Dam

GLAAD released their third annual Trans Images on TV report and were pleased to find that “only one character this year was portrayed as a sex worker, Venus Van Dam on FX’s Sons of Anarchy. This is an improvement over previous years in which the most common profession for trans characters was sex worker.”

Terri Jean Bedford received the second annual Ontario Civil Liberties Association award last Friday, and called on Premier Kathleen Wynne and Toronto Mayor John Tory to refuse to enforce C-36.

Non-sex working feminists continue to speak over sex workers regarding the legalization or decriminalization of sex work in India. Lalitha Kumaramangalam, the chair person for the National Commission on Women who began the discussion, is still in favor of legalization, but says that there is a fine line between legalization and decriminalization and the Commission’s recommendations are still being finalized.  The Hindu Businessline does a good rundown of the differences between and drawbacks of legalization vs decriminalization.

Jane Pratt is in the middle of watching XOJane get sold off, yet she still has time to speculate about sex workers’ backgrounds.

Late to the game with this one, but remember that “This is what a feminist looks like,” t-shirt that made waves when the Daily Mail revealed it was manufactured in sweatshops, unlike virtually every other mass market piece of clothing?  The proceeds from these feminist shirts went to The Fawcett Society, active supporters of End Demand campaigns to implement the Nordic model.

Adult Verified Video Chat is auctioning off sex with its female performers, onscreen.  Though the second auction is currently ongoing, no scenes have yet been shot for the first auction, as both the winner and the runner-up had “scheduling conflicts.”

Trans South African women often turn to sex work for lack of other options.

Strippers at Rick’s Cabaret won $10.8 million and employee rights last week, following what has become a national trend as ever more courts find strippers to be illegally classified as contractors.

Backpage is useful to cops.

Male sex workers in Mexico City have high rates of HIV infection, largely because of the market for bareback sex.  Researchers and outreach workers are trying to create an incentive system for condom use, including grocery vouchers and food.

Burmese male sex workers working in Thailand have good rates of condom use and no new infections reported in the past year, though they report that clients do try to pressure them into bareback sex.

The founder of Make Love Not Porn has run up against the same barriers to payment that porn performers and other sex workers have and is cautiously exploring Bitcoin as a way to pay performers for their work.

Adult Verified Video Chat is auctioning off sex with its female performers, onscreen.  Though the second auction is currently ongoing, no scenes have yet been shot for the first auction, as both the winner and the runner-up had “scheduling conflicts.”

Nearly 20 years after it happened, police in Swindon are reopening the investigation into the disappearance of street worker Sallyann John and discussing safety measures for sex workers.

An enterprising camgirl used the library at her college to do a live show, leading into yet another story about students using sex work to fund college.

Speaking of student sex workers: the Daily Tar Heel reports that the number of student sugar babies registered on Seeking Arrangement has doubled since last year.

The Daily Tar Heel also notes that it is harder for law enforcement to find and arrest indoor full service sex workers who advertise online. Oh?

Perhaps that’s why most male escorts in Australia advertise online.

The Tokyo Reporter features an interview with an escort at a sex salon that hires “chubby” workers.

“Sex workers are everywhere,”  states an anonymous male escort writing for the McGill Daily.

Workers at hotel chains Super 8 and Days Inn are being trained to spot “traffickers,” by being alert to guests who pay in cash, or have long visits with few belongings, solid guidelines that could never lead to confusing sex workers, the recently houseless, or the migrating working poor with traffickers.

Katie Cruz announces that we need to change our focus from trafficking to immigration law, an all too rare approach to trafficking. However, she fails to note that the vast majority of trafficked workers are trafficked for agricultural and domestic labor rather than sexual labor.

Time is Precious Ministries is doing outreach to strippers in Ohio, going in to strip clubs with greeting cards to “be a blessing to the employees.”


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