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The Week in Links: November 2

During a dressing room brawl at Hot Bodies in Austin TX, a stripper put out a man’s eye with her shoe. She’s been booked on assault charges, and the arrest warrant stated “In the manner of its use, the high heel shoe could have been a deadly weapon.”

The New York Times sided with the dissenting opinion in the Nite Moves case.

Lawmakers in Queensland, Australia are working to amend anti-discrimination laws to allow hotel owners to refuse to rent to sex workers.

Tomorrow profiles “Sue,” the Nairobi prostitute who authored the Nairobi Nights blog.

Tits and Sass contributor Elle writes about “mommy porn” at Elephant Journal.

Houston vice cops paid strippers to go down on each other at Treasures, didn’t make any arrests, and kept their investigation open after repeated visits to the strip club. Meanwhile, the club’s owners donated $25,000 to a PAC that then funneled the money to the Harris County Republican candidate for sheriff.

Election Day is next week, and it’s a big one in California, where Measure B and Proposition 35 have potentially huge impacts on the sex industry.


    • WAIT. There’s another Piper around here? I have instant affection for you, name-twin.

      Second, the dancer who threw a shoe that badly injured the guy’s eye? The bail is set at $50,000 for a second-degree felony assault charge. That seems a little excessive. If the shoe was thrown, it would have to be an awfully (un)lucky shot to injure an eye that way. Still, thanks for the reminder not to throw shoes; I’ve maybe been getting a little reckless with my handling of irritants lately.


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