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The Week In Links: November 16

You can tell she’s a stripper at a funeral by the Uggs.

An obituary for an Albany strip club owner: “Sal DiCarlo was laid to rest on Friday, a strip club owner who was fondly remembered as a father figure to two generations of exotic dancers.”

Male prostitutes outnumber their female counterparts 2:1 in Sweden. Even more interesting is this: “Half of the clients of male and female prostitutes under the age of 26 were also under the age of 26.”

The internet killed the sex worker.” Really?

Last Sunday’s New York Times “Room for Debate” featured eight different takes on “Should Pornography Come Out Of The Closet?” by everyone from Gail Dines and Bob Jensen to Candida Royalle.

Madonna asked fans to make it rain on her to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims while she stripped on stage during her MSG show.

Tits and Sass fave James Deen explores the many problems with Measure B for XOJane.

“Is exotic dancing art?”: The Colbert Report covers New York strip club Night Moves’ fight for tax exempt status.

The last strip club in Cincinnati, a Deja Vu that was closed last year, is going to become a Boys and Girls Club.

Suzy Hooker is a collective byline.


  1. That Annika Cleeve article (“No more vanilla: how the internet killed the call girl”) was seriously as “WTF?” as most prohibitionist garbage is. I honestly have no idea what she’s trying to accomplish with it.


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