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The Week in Links: November 11

South African strip club owner creates a line of fragrances “aimed primarily at men” called Alibis. Scents include “I Was Working Late” with the hints of coffee, wool suits, cigarettes and ink. It looks like they’re only available at the club so we can’t confirm that this is not a joke.

Dr. Conrad Murray was more than one strippers’ annoying regular.

Sensibilities are offended in Miami over Swinging Richards.

How Cambodia’s anti-slavery laws are working out for sex workers: “Every single sex worker we spoke with said the police demanded bribes or stole money from them. Some officers demanded sex.” New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof live-tweets a brothel raid in Cambodia, which raises questions.

Speaking of Twitter, Ashton Kutcher defends Joe Paterno, turns his Twitter account over to his management team.

Dancer licensing, pasties, the six-foot rule, and alcohol ban to hit Memphis strip clubs in January. Speaking of licensing, the strippers of Niagara Falls are not jazzed about fingerprinting.

It’s too bad they’re not in DC where the Stadium Club is considered “not sexually oriented.” Meanwhile, Prostitution Free Zone laws are moving forward in The District.

Should we allow porn on planes?

Kenneth Starr’s ex-stripper wife, Diana Passage, will appear on a new reality show, Wall Street Wives.

CNBC: Porn memorabilia is collectible. This is probably good news for Dave Attell, whose new show Dave’s Old Porn included guest Nina Hartley this week.

New study on how judgment works in relation to the amount of skin shown… fully-clothed ex-porn star Sasha Grey reads to children, parents are outraged, the school completely denies it despite photographic evidence.

More on the campaign against Backpage

Jiz Lee’s Karma Pervs is raising money for Thai organization, SWING (Sex Workers in Group).


  1. I want the “I was working late” fragrance for my own customers. I’m incredibly tempted to email the club and see if they’ll ship it or if it was just a joke all along…


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