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The Week In Links—May 22

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Courtney Stodden. (Photo courtesy of JPAvocat)

Courtney Stodden’s “sex tape” got released early, but really, as Dr Chauntelle Tibbels points out, it’s porn, making this the most official sex work Stodden has ever done.  The 20 year old got married at 16 to that creepy guy from the X-Files and won all our hearts with her unabashed gold-digging ways.  Welcome to the club, Courtney.

Attention, New Zealand workers: A sex worker was attacked in Christchurch last week.  In a heartening example of what legal rights can do, the Prostitutes’ Council was able to issue an alert to its members and police are investigating the crime.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief: noted sex worker hating, transphobic academic Sheila Jeffreys is retiring.

A couple of DEA agents were busted for illegally running a strip club in New Jersey. They didn’t disclose their purchase of the club to the agency, which said that the club made the DEA a potential target for blackmail.

Alex Tichelman was sentenced to six years in prison after she pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the heroin overdose death of her client, Google executive Forrest Hayes; the criminalization of both drug users and sex workers were contributing factors.

rabble.ca has decided in favor of retaining Megan Murphy’s writing on the site and using it in the future, finding that it is not actually too violent against sex workers, transphobic, or racist.  They’d know better than we do, I suppose.

In the latest update on 8 Minutes, Ariana Lange reports on the interactions between the show’s producers and the overburdened, unequipped Houston resources they sent sex workers to. Elijah Rising’s Cat French told Lange of Kevin Brown “…he went off the goddamn rails.”

Without basic rights, Vietnamese sex workers are vulnerable to abuse from police as well as clients and are unable to enforce condom usage.

Seven trans women sex workers have been assaulted in Turkey over the past two weeks.

If only Tom Meagher had kept his activism to anti-sexual violence work, but no: sex workers in St Kilda have had to ask him to stop supporting anti-trafficking groups and telling men to not pay for sex.

New South Wales, Australia, will be home to this amazing event: Debbie Doesn’t Do It For Free, 26 sex worker artists telling the sex work stories that usually go untold.

Gentrifiers and sex workers clash in one East Vancouver neighborhood, with residents complaining that residual disturbances in social services after the Olympics are forcing sex workers into an area that residents worked hard to clean up.

Business Insider reposted this PSO’s reddit Q&A.  They waded through reddit so we don’t have to.

Can’t get enough articles like this!  Tina Horn talks about the questions everyone needs to just stop asking sex workers.

Matthew Cherrington has been found guilty of murdering UK sex worker Lidia Pascale.

Australian and English students aren’t alone in turning to sex work to deal with rising housing costs: the housing crisis in New Zealand is also tightening the screws on students, making sex work look more appealing.  At least they have access to rights there!

San Francisco’s Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival continues through this weekend.

The UK’s Channel 4 is doing a show on two “high end” call girls [the Daily Mail’s charmingly anachronistic term] and their distraught parents, who are clearly out of touch with the havoc austerity politics are wreaking in most young people’s lives.

Chocolate City opens on Friday in a short list of cities, but apparently is available On Demand the same day. Ginuwine appears in this male stripper movie, if you needed another reason to watch.


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