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The Week in Links: March 23

SWOP-NYC wrote an open letter to NOW-NYC  requesting that the organization use more sensitive language when referencing the sex workers who were found dead on Long Island over the past few years. In a tweet on March 19, NOW-NYC had referred to the victims as “sacks of bones.”

“Would you ever consider befriending a prostitute or a stripper?” asks this newscaster from CW33 in Dallas. New Friends, New Life is a faith-based organization that helps women leave the sex industry, and, from the gist of this video, seems to hook up civilian volunteers to be “friends” with ex-sex workers. So, they’re like the hired companions to ex-hookers and strippers. That’s kinda hot.

Richard Gere admitted that Pretty Woman is pretty lame, calling it “his least favorite film” and a “silly rom com” in an interview with the Australian version of Women’s Day magazine. Gere later denied making the statements, or that the interview even happened; meanwhile, Women’s Day is sticking to their story. Regardless, Lolo de Sucre and Bettie still think the film sucks.

The Vancouver Police Department announced that they’ve drafted new guidelines on dealing with sex work. According to the administrative report, “Sex work involving consenting adults is not an enforcement priority for the VPD.”

San Francisco-based sex worker clinic St. James Infirmary recently attended a World Health Organization conference in Montreux, Switzerland. They were the only American organization to participate.

The first-ever American Pin-Up Burlesque Fest will take place in Tampa this weekend.

The Brazilian Health Ministry announced that it will soon be distributing 20 million female condoms as part of an anti-AIDS initiative.

This rather confusing article on CTPost.com describes a Bridgeport, Conn., man who was arrested for loitering while “posing as a female prostitute.” Was he not really a prostitute, but just posing as one? And was “he” really just posing as a woman, or was “she” transgender?

After shutting down last year due to legal troubles, two Georgia strip clubs,  the Pink Pony South Gentleman’s Club and the Crazy Horse Saloon, are both hoping to reopen soon. The clubs closed late last year when faced with allegations of prostitution, gambling and sodomy.

A Minnesota teenager was told he can’t bring two porn actresses as his dates to the high school prom, but he said he’ll hold an “alternative party” where his dates will be welcome.

Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil had a soft opening for his Las Vegas strip club last week. The grand opening is scheduled for Friday, April 13.

Check out the trailer for Black & White & Sex, a new Australian indie film about a sex worker.

Chicago-area nuns are acting like they don’t want a strip club opening next door to their convent, but we think they’re faking.

The owners of escort advertising site Escorts.com were fined for money laundering.

Is John Edwards a former client of accused madam Anna Gristina? Maybe.



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