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The Week in Links: March 18

There were almost 600 crimes committed against sex workers in Ireland last year.

A (belated) article on SWOP-LA’s International Sex Workers’ Rights Day Celebration.

Amber Rose, model, radio personality, and former Kanye girlfriend, says she was a stripper at age 15.

Here’s a list of the 10 Best Prostitute Movies—but, ahem, it’s already been done.

The legal battle continues in the attempt to convict Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi for sex with a 17 year old prostitute.

A (former) Boston prostitute won $200,000 in damages after her successful case against a police officer who regularly extorted sex acts.

Colorado kills bill that would have banned public assistance cash withdrawals from strip club ATMs.

A Florida GOP Rep has jumped on the victim blaming bandwagon by saying that an 11 year old gang rape survivor was dressed like a “prostitute.”

Nevadans continue to critique Harry Reid’s claims about the effects of their legal brothels.

David Beckham is still trying to prove his innocence after being accused of hiring a prostitute in 2007, while D’Angelo has pled guilty to soliciting.

This porn star/stripper exploitation film with Carla Gugino, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Timothy Olyphant and Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks interesting.

Sherry Ann Ramos to publish memoir.

Strip clubs are becoming more common in Kenya.

NY Governor Cuomo is set to pull all funding from homeless youth shelters, putting a particularly vulnerable (young, often LGBT) population back out on the streets, where they are at increased risk for engaging in survival sex work.

The State Department finally condemns sex worker violence, stating “No one should face violence or discrimination in access to public services based on sexual orientation or their status as a person in prostitution.”

Fiji holds a pageant, complete with educational scholarships, for prostitutes.

Women’s groups protest Lebanese tourist ads on the grounds that they seem to support sex tourism while not respecting, protecting, or legalizing the work of sex workers within the  country.

A G20 doctor is found to have regularly misconstrued the cause of death, including for the murder of a prostitute.

A man with “good taste in sex toys” has been arrested for stealing said toys.


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