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The Week in Links: March 11

On Charlie Sheen’s partners: “A woman’s active embrace of the fame monster or participation in the sex industry, we seem to say, means that she compromises her right not to be assaulted, let alone humiliated, insulted or degraded.”

Ottawa’s government lawyers will argue that prostitutes choose a risky life and therefore don’t deserve state protection. But tell us how you really feel, assholes.

There’s a new book on the British man who murdered three prostitutes.

Kansas looks poised to ban lapdancing while Oregon keeps working to pass anti-strip club bills.

A St. Louis high school teacher has been fired because of her past in porn and in England, a nurse was fired for her former work as an escort (which is legal) after prostituting while on sick leave.

NYC’s Naked Cowboy tried to sue a (now former) stripper.

How “video games can build a better whorehouse.”

Portland’s Polerotica competition will be broadcast online this Saturday.

Russia celebrated International Women’s Rights Day with a “Putin Party” featuring lots of strippers.

Laura Augstin on surrogate mothers’ new presence among trafficking hysterics. (The key paragraph: “In line with the anti-prostitution argument, anti-surrogacy activists feel that sexual and reproductive organs should be employed only for personal pleasure and fulfillment. The presence of money in the childbirth process offends them monumentally, even if the women involved say that they want to earn money having other people’s babies – an argument familiar from the prostitution field.”)

Finally, the following warning has been circulating for West Coast workers. Please pass it along to anyone who might be affected:

“We have been notified that there is a guy going into peep shows, video taping the performances, then posting them online. He also posts names and other personal information he learns – the city they work in, where they’re from, high school, graduating class, college, etc. Additionally he records encounters with San Diego and Vegas prostitutes. We recommend you take a look at him, hear his voice, and spread the word.

If you are in one of the videos, you should contact xHamster at: http://xhamster.com/contact.php. Provide xHamster with a direct link to the video and state that you did not grant DA5150 permission, written or otherwise, to film you nor to make a user submission to xHamster. This link is to his video collection:  http://xhamster.com/user/video/DA5150/new-1.html



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