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The Week in Links: June 8

Dennis Hof just returned to the states from the U.K., where he gave a talk at Oxford University on legalizing prostitution. (Beware of his racial stereotypes and blaming all exploitation of women on immigrants, but it’s kind of funny when he compares fidelity in marriage to the Tooth Fairy.)

Channing Tatum says that after the release of Magic Mike, an upcoming film based on his own past as a stripper, he will “never do or talk anything about stripping after this ever, ever again.” But then he says he’s just kidding—at Tits and Sass, we know all too well how hard it is to ever stop talking about sex work.

During the Miss USA Pageant last Sunday, Miss Ohio Audrey Bolte cited Julia Roberts as prostitute Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman as a positive depiction of women in film. This didn’t make Miss Bolte too popular in the media.

Canadian porn actor Luke Magnotta was captured in Berlin this week and arrested for the murder of his former lover. Magnotta allegedly videotaped himself dismembering 33-year-old Jun Lin, and then mailed various body parts to Canadian politicians. The Observer has implied that Magnotta might also be linked to the murder and dismemberment of a Los Angeles man whose body was discovered last January, but the L.A. Times has refuted this.

Backpage.com is suing the state of Washington over a new law that would require the site to verify the age of people posting adult service ads. According to Elizabeth MacDougall, general counsel of Village Voice Media Holdings, the new law would violate the Communications Decency Act of 1996, as well as the First Amendment and other parts of the U.S. Constitution.

Pssst… there’s free porn on Wikipedia!

In a particularly bizarre lawsuit, Texas-based escort review site Eccie.net is taking an anonymous blogger to court for slandering the site (meanwhile allowing their own members to continue gratuitously trash-talking sex workers, of course).

Nadya Suleman will begin her new job as a stripper this week. No, wait— just kidding!

Mary J. Blige talks about her recent visit to a strip club as research for Rock of Ages, an upcoming movie musical that will feature her as the owner of an “exotic lounge bar.”

Tampa strippers are psyched for the upcoming Republican National Convention that will take place in their hometown this summer.

A suspended detective from Broward County, Fla., was arrested and is now being held without bond after violating his house arrest when he removed his monitoring ankle bracelet and went to a strip club. He had originally been arrested for grand theft.

In other news about cops and impulse control, this Provo, Utah police officer lost his job for stripping down to a green Speedo during a “Princess and the Frog” skit at a lunch-hour birthday party in a high school. Note how male strippers dress up as cops, but when male cops strip they dress up as fairytale frogs.

Forty-eight men in South Carolina, including a Methodist pastor, were arrested in a sting this week.

The Illinois State House of Representatives is still waiting on the governor’s approval for a new statewide tax on strip club admissions.

Slate.com describes PETA’s new xxx site as “animal treatment guilt porn.”

Users of FetLife debate on whether or not they should be allowed to publicly call out sexual abusers on the site.

Happy 50th anniversary to you, Silicone Breast Implants! Watch out for all the pathetic puns in this story, but the first-ever recipient spoke with the New York Daily News about her experience.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas student Marie Rowley will be presenting her master’s thesis on Vegas prostitutes in a series of lectures over the course of the summer.

Lesbian site SheWired.com names their top five queer women working in the sex industry—well, one of them just hosts a queer open mic night, but the other four work in legitimate porn. And one of them (Jiz Lee) doesn’t actually identify as a woman.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian interviews porn actress Brande Baugh.

This man was kicked out of a Florida strip club for insisting on bringing a kitten into the club. He then repeatedly called 911 to complain until police arrived and arrested him. No word on whether he intended to attempt to barter the kitten for a lapdance.

More from Florida club patrons: 21-year-old douchebag Trevor Jessup was arrested for attempting to steal his money back from a stripper after receiving a VIP dance devoid of the sexual favors he had been anticipating. After the dancer caught him, a bouncer detained Jessup until police arrived.

Dania Londoño Suarez, the Colombian prostitute at the center of the Secret Service scandal, has announced her plan to open a non-profit to assist women in the sex industry.


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