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The Week In Links: June 24

“March of the Whores”—Mexico’s response to Slutwalk—recently took place in Mexico City.

A Missouri police officer has been found guilty of a conspiracy to steal from suspected prostitutes. (Last year, a St. Louis police officer pled guilty to similar charges of habitually sexually assaulting and robbing prostitutes.)

Joseph Naso’s trial becomes increasingly disturbing.

A man who brutally beat and choked his prostitute was exempt from any criminal sentencing because the judge ruled he committed those acts while asleep.

Massachusetts is poised to stiffen penalties for pimps.

An escort/client message board was infiltrated by law enforcement (though it is still online and probably monitored) and police have arrested a Fairleigh Dickinson University physics professor for running the site. The media keeps inaccurately reporting him as having run a “ring,” making it sounds like he’s a pimp, but the website was only a message board and therefore just a hub; he was providing the forum but not taking a cut of anyone’s fees.

A WWII movie just wrapped, about Chinese sex workers volunteering to take the place of university students who would have otherwise become comfort women.

Thrillist sells Groupon-style discount packages for a steak, a drink, and a lapdance at Scores in Manhattan.

The Texas pole tax went up for amendment.

The Supreme Court has ruled against the estate of Anna Nicole Smith.



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