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The Week In Links: June 17

Wee, stripper gifs!

Lots of articles coming out of Canada this week, as Ontario’s highest court considers an appeal that could legalize a variety of activities related to sex work. Read more at The Vancouver Sun (“This is ethically unsound – no government should be able to jeopardize the safety of its citizens just to send a message”) and The National Post.

A comprehensive article on missing New Jersey sex worker Shannan Gilbert, whose disappearance led to the uncovering of the bodies buried on Long Island.

In California, evidence is mounting that Joseph Naso murdered four prostitutes.

A New York appeals court has ruled that lap dances are subject to sales tax.

Spirit Airlines is running a strippermobile to promote its fare specials.

A new sex worker activist website just went live: SWAAY.

On Ginger Lee’s apparent harassment by Anthony Weiner.

A Honolulu police officer has been convicted of forcing a prostitute to have sex with him by threatening her with arrest. A San Diego cop will stand trial for the same charges. Meanwhile, a North Carolinian cop has been arrested for soliciting prostitution but hey, at least he was willing to pay for it fair and square.

Houston police are looking for a suspect in the murder of a trans street worker.

A Zimbabwean man turned himself into police after murdering his wife, who admitted that she was a prostitute and had infected him with HIV.

Sex workers from across Southern Africa gathered in Johannesburg this week to denounce criminalization.

Lusty Lady Dancer Cinnamon Maxine talks about the obstacles in the sex industry for a Black BBW.


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