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The Week In Links—June 13


A march organized by Honduran sex workers' rights organization RedTraSex Honduras (Photo via upsidedownworld.org)
A march organized by Honduran sex workers’ rights organization RedTraSex Honduras (Photo via upsidedownworld.org)

Honduran sex workers marched for recognition and protection, protesting the murder of sixteen Honduran sex workers since September of last year.

Canadian sex workers keep it cute: “Jesus had love for Duke Ellington too!”: Tabatha Southey’s cute-but-cogent rebuttal of the current debate around the Nordic model is a must read. Vanessa D’Alessio puts Canadian Justice Minister Peter MacKay on the Bad Date list after elaborating on measures workers take to keep themselves safe and the way the proposed Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act undermines these measures.

Who needs a shelter when you can suck dick for cash? Tits and Sass contributor Tara Burns asks in this post for Vice on surviving foster care through survival sex work.

Lawyers say China’s police-run “custody and education” system for sex workers are the same as re-education labor camps and call for their abolition.

File under The Many Ways To Pole Dance. No, seriously, folks, this video made our week.

In a blow to the grand tradition of dinner dates, a Florida man was arrested after agreeing to an undercover cop’s proposed exchange of a blowjob for salad.

Republicans are casing Kansas City as a potential site for the 2016 RNC and one strip club covered up its sign in hopes of not offending their delicate sensibilities.

Clumsy rewording in Rhode Island bill 2602 does more than equate sex trafficking with sex work: it also equates carpooling with sex workers to trafficking, punishable by the same penalties.

This week in “nope:” A Long Island City strip club offers free lap dances to dads on Father’s Day.

Four New York strippers and a strip club manager were arrested for drugging and ripping off customers. We’re not going to call them heroes, exactly, but it’s impressive work in its own way.

Noah Berlatsky writes at Salon on “Hollywood’s dangerous obsession with sex trafficking.”

While there’s been outbreaks of hysteria over sex trafficking during the last three World Cups, Sonya Dolinsek points out that numbers have never borne out any increase. Elsewhere on Al Jazeera, Dolinsek chimes in on Somaly Mam and asks how bad sex trafficking in Cambodia really is, giving more space to the voices of actual sex workers than we’ve seen yet.

Competitive mega-brothels, 99 euro unlimited passes, and fallacious anti-sex work statistics stating that 90% of the sex workers in Germany are trafficked: Germany’s approach to sex work, while far above the Nordic model up for the vote in Canada, still leaves something to be desired for people invested in sex workers’ rights.

Two women were arrested during raids of illegal brothels in Australia last week, in one of the largest raids against illegal brothels to happen in Victoria. The young women will be charged with “running illegal brothels and living on the earnings of sex workers.”

Adult wet nurses are experiencing a boom in business in China.

505 sex workers were arrested during raids in Tajikstand on June 6-10th and forced to undergo compulsory medical testing. The same five-day period saw people detained for homosexuality, promotion of pornographic materials, and other moral offenses. All were forced to undergo tests for STIs.

Condoms-as-evidence continues to be up for debate in New York: though the NYPD is no longer confiscating condoms to use as evidence in cases of prostitution, condoms remain admissible evidence in cases of suspected trafficking or promotion of prostitution, which leaves quite a loophole.

It’s all about the money, and China’s factorieslike most factoriesweren’t paying enough. China has deported a group of North Korean factory workers who were also working in sex work.

Migrant women in Botswana are turning to sex work as the best of very limited and bad options, as this article can’t help but make clear even through a tone of heavy-handed moral judgmentmoral judgment that reaches near comedic proportions with this final line: “With the political and economic situation in Zimbabwe still unstable, Ncube and her friends look set to hang on a bit in Botswana to make a-no(sic)-so-decent living.”

Women in Liberia are turning to survival sex also. Women of all agesmany survivors of sexual violence during the civil warhave found that sex work offers better remuneration than anything open to women and even most men.

Belle Knox and Tasha Reign have donated lingerie, sex toysand Reign has donated a dateto an auction to benefit Maggie’s Sex Workers Action Project, a Canadian sex workers’ rights group.

Who gets hurt the most by lies about sex trafficking? Sex workers, as sex workers already know: the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW) published a study on this four years ago, and then, to drive the point home in a really catchy way, enhanced it with this video: Bad Rehab.




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