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The Week In Links: June 10

Elena Jeffreys, president of Australia’s Scarlet Alliance, gives a beautiful speech about violence against sex workers. (via Melissa)

In the aftermath of a club raid, Malaysian police “branded” the foreheads of suspected prostitutes using markers—then the pictures of those thirty women (none of whom were Malaysian-born) were published in the newspaper.

A mercifully rational book review of Girls Like Us discusses the necessity of bearing responsible witness to a person’s suffering: “While Lloyd’s perspective on sexual exploitation and trafficking is important, it is only one. Inherent to the concept of critical thinking is that there are always nuances, conditions, and alternatives to consider.”

A Republican Wisconsin State Senator apparently believes his “family values” include owning strip clubs. Progressive!

Rio is targeting its (legal) prostitutes in preparation to host the Olympics. Such measures in the past have forced indoor workers out onto the streets.

On male and transgendered prostitutes in Tel Aviv.

A Floridian married couple was arrested on obscenity charges for the (apparently vanilla) porn they create and sell.

What if Pretty Woman had been the story of a woman of color?

CAL/OSHA is still pushing to mandate condoms in porn.

New York magazine published a thorough and poignant article about the Long Island murders.

The media continues to collude with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher in their efforts to earn themselves trafficking expert status.

A Melbourne man has been sent to jail after raping and threatening to kill a prostitute: “Judge Michael Tinney said the woman was entitled to the full protection of the law regardless of her occupation” and recognized that the man likely chose a prostitute as his victim because he suspected she would not go to the police.

In Austin, TX, a stripper and her boyfriend are on trial for the murder of a customer. They’re claiming self-defense and that the man’s death was not intentional.


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