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The Week in Links: July 6

This video of Olivia Munn and Bethenny Frankel trying to pole dance hurts my soul a little. Leave it to professionals, ladies.

Porn star James Deen swears that he’s not fucking Lindsay Lohan, and that if he was, “I think I would tell everybody.” GQ ran a profile of him anyway.

Adult businesses in Canada can no longer hire temporary foreign workers under a new rule designed to curb human trafficking.

Vice interviewed a Luca, a male sex worker, about the anti-trafficking hysteria surrounding the upcoming Olympic Games in London.

The Huffington Post delivers a brief history on male strippers.

In Chicago, nuns are breaking out their secret weapons in a battle against a strip  club that will open near their convent.

Nathan Grellner, mayor of Valley Park, Mo., is returning to work after being suspended for using the city’s credit card at a strip club. Use cash next time, silly!

Yet another cop was caught extorting sexual favors from a prostitute. 

West Palm Beach, Fla., is considering some crazy new legislation that will allow arrests for “prostitution related offenses” in public, including: “asking for sex, offering to have sex, asking a woman to show her breasts, touching a woman’s breast or a man’s crotch, telling someone where to find a prostitute, or employing someone for ‘immoral purposes.'”

Voters in Los Angeles will soon decide whether or not to extend the condoms-in-porn mandate beyond L.A. City limits, into a countywide ordinance.

If you think condoms are annoying now, be grateful that we’re not still using unprocessed intestines for safer sex, which is what you might have been stuck with in the early 1800s, according to this fascinating history of condoms.

Police and sex workers in the U.K. are working together on creating a dangerous client database.

Participants at the 19th International AIDS Conference plan to advocate for the decriminalization of sex work. The conference will take place later this month in Kolkata.

A Wisconsin strip club won a law suit against the city of Dell Prairie for attempting to limit the scope of their renewed liquor license.

MetroNews.ca ran a profile of a woman they call “Canada’s most famous dominatrix.” 


  1. I second M&C. Last night: climbed up the damn pole, did an aerial invert, jade (front splits, upside down), smoothly transitioned into a gemini-scorpio leg switch (inside/outside leg hangs), into a straddle hip hold. Applause, tips, anything in a packed club? NOPE. I got a few bills when I finally gave up and did a few butt isolations out of frustration.

    Girl after me on stage after me got rained on for just doing the stripper booty jiggle for 3 songs straight.

  2. Yes, yes, yes. I agree, ladies. I’m not even going to watch it, because I don’t need another reason to be annoyed today.


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