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The Week In Links: February 8

“2 Broke Girls” appropriated stripper signifiers “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” poledancing, and thigh high PVC boots for a Super Bowl commercial, and then an Idaho congressman fired an aide who tweeted salaciously about it. In the words of the Awl, “Something about ‘Two Broke Girls’ Finally Funny.”

This isn’t really about strippers, but it’s a hilarious hand-wringing editorial called “The Stripper Bowl” about how inappropriate Beyoncé’s costuming and outfits were.

In unfunny Super Bowl news, the sex trafficking hysteria that is now a regular part of the coverage of large sporting events continues to do damage to both actual trafficked workers, neglected in other industries, and sex workers. Melissa Gira Grant is on it at The Guardian.

My view is basically that sex work wouldn’t exist in the feminist utopia.” Well, maybe you wouldn’t exist in Ho-topia.

In response to the above discussion, Harley Quinn created this great “Whorephobia Bingo” card.

Students at the University of British Columbia who have been working to build a mobile panic button for sex workers were victims of a donation scam; they thought they’d raised $16,000 but $15,000 turned out to be fraudulent contributions.

“An argument between a husband and wife at the Golden Banana early yesterday morning resulted in both being arrested on assault charges, police said.” Don’t bring a jealous wife to the strip club.

Washington State dancers are asking for an injunction against releasing the personal information they provide for county licensing after a known stalker and current inmate, Robert Hill, requested the release of a dancer’s records.

Next Wednesday, Salon sex writer Tracy Clark-Flory will do a Q&A with Cheryl Cohen-Green at a screening of The Sessions, based on Mark O’Brien’s experiences with sex surrogate Cohen-Green.

Relevant to our interests: This Sarah Jaffe piece about the gendered origins of emotional labor, or how it’s not just sex workers who are expected to perform enjoying their work.

This American Life has asked This American Whore to stop using “their” name.


  1. I’d like to know about this quote, “But from a birdseye feminist view — from a sex-positive view — sex work is different because it’s commodifying something that should ideally be a basic pleasure, entered into entirely freely and at will.”

    As in, WHO SAYS it “should be…entirely freely and at will.”?? How old is this woman/child that she thinks we live in a world where everyone who wants or needs sex CAN get is without paying? And how dare she imply that if someone who needs it can’t get it without buying it they shouldn’t get to have it?

    I hope she’s forced to go without sex for months and months or years upon years like some of my clients, an extremely common situation in this world, and for all kinds of people (men, women, sick, healthy, young, old, “attractive” and “ugly”. Seriously, she thinks it’s the feminist view that sex is entered into “freely and at will”?? That every time someone needs sex they will find a free and willing partner?? Half the time?? One tenth of the time?? What planet does she live on that people are offering good sex so freely like that?? I want to move there.

    “Ideally” my ass.


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