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The Week In Links: February 1

The above (SFW) ad for PornHub was rejected for broadcast during the Super Bowl.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, here’s a bunch of stories about trafficking hysteria and arrests in New Orleans plus a non-hysterical article about the city’s strip clubs.

A nursing home in England is under investigation after the East Sussex County Council discovered that caretakers had prostitutes visit the home to provide services to sexually frustrated patients.

This ad on Backpage is seeking hot women to work in corporate espionage.

Yvonne Zimmerman, author of Other Dreams of Freedom, is interviewed about the evangelical Christian influence on anti-trafficking efforts. “Zimmerman challenges this basis for anti-trafficking efforts, saying that it ends up limiting the freedom of trafficked people, especially women, by conceiving of their “rescue” as them ending up in traditional, heterosexual marriages – or at least refraining from sexual relations outside of marriage.”

Bubbles talked to D Magazine about Texas state rep Bill Zedler’s idiotic idea for a statewide stripper license.

The crackdown on prostitution in London dealt a blow to relations between outreach organizations and sex workers in the area. Georgina Perry from Open Doors talks about the harmful policies trafficking hysteria led to.

Jill Soloway’s “Afternoon Delight,” about a mother who hires a stripper to be her child’s nanny, debuted at Sundance.

Sarah Tressler, the Angry Stripperhas a new gig as a crime reporter at the San Antonio Express-News.

…where you can read about the new bikini law that was just stayed by a federal judge. San Antonio dancers were going to have to increase breast coverage from pasties to bikini tops this month, but now have at least another month before the law can be enforced.

Ron Jeremy is recovering from emergency heart surgery after suffering an aneurysm.



  1. I can attest to the hysteria in NOLA right now.

    My biggest complaint is that there ARE a lot of trafficked women in NOLA, but the majority of them are working in hotel housekeeping, nail salons, and manual labor. But that’s not nearly as interesting as sensationalist conjecture about hordes of football fans paying to rape 12-year olds, I guess.


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