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The Week In Links: December 7

A man asks his prostitute to “turn my life upside down with your whimsical joie de vivre” in the hilarious short “Manic Pixie Prostitute.” “I wrote you a song on this midget guitar!”

The Fokken twins, 50-year veteran prostitutes in Amsterdam, are national celebrities and sex advice agony aunts after the popularity of a documentary about their lives.

Women’s groups are rallying around a proposed prostitution ban in the EU. Currently, the EU doesn’t have jurisdiction to actually do this.

Strip club impresario Jack Galardi died last week aged 81. Galardi formerly owned Las Vegas’s Crazy Horse, brought down in 2006 by federal investigations, and a group of clubs in the American South. 

In These Times covers Rachel Aimee’s We Are Dancers project, comparing the labor conditions for strippers to those of domestic workers.

Zurich prostitutes will soon have the use of drive-in sex booths to service customers.

Free Speech Coalition v Eric Holder continues to wind through the courts, with a district judge’s denial of the Justice Department’s request to dismiss Fourth Amendment complaints against 18 U.S.C. § 2257.

Juicy J has released a video game to accompany “Bandz A Make Her Dance” where you keep the strippers dancing by using your skill to toss money at them.

Great headline on this story about Anne Hathaway’s turn as prostitute Fantine in Les Miz. And oh, look, other great prostitute roles as Oscar bait.

Washington State officials have dropped efforts to pass legislation that would require online advertisers such as Backpage to verify the ages of those appearing in ads.




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