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The Week in Links: December 30

We couldn't dream of a better place to put a strip club

Finally, America will get its first strip club inside an actual casino (no points for your ridiculous lede, WaPo)! And, naturally, Donald Trump is a part of this pioneering effort in Atlantic City; it will be at the Trump Taj Mahal.

Alternet figures out that some sex work doesn’t involve actual sexual intercourse in this article about professional domination.

A sex worker outreach organization in Vancouver spends Christmas with street workers and in brothels.

The Rhode Island stripper who was robbed of $700 by a police chief files suit.

Can Los Angeles legally pass a ballot measure requiring porn stars to wear condoms while filming in city limits? We’ll find out.

A Nashville program will erase prostitution charges from the records of women who attend a rescue seminar. There is no mention of how (or if) the seminar attempts to provide job placement or economic assistance.

There’s a Christmas strip club reunion night every year at Cordato’s, the secret pizza place strip joint that used to operate near Wall Street.

Poland has no plans to legalize prostitution in preparation for European Football Championship crowds.



Suzy Hooker is a collective byline.


  1. I’ve thought a lot about condom requirements in pornography, I believe that Wicked did or still makes it mandatory.

    Condoms kind of kill my masturbatory lady-boner though, in all honesty….


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