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The Week in Links: August 5

See American competitor Victor Gathing this weekend.The first International Pole Dance Competition in the U.S. will take place in Denver this weekend.

Secrets, a London strip club, is planning to release a book on U.K. stripper slang.

A St. Louis entrepreneur is struggling keep his BDSM club open, despite hostility from neighbors and zoning conflicts with the city.

Eva Longoria Tweeted photos of her pole dancing bruises.

A British decathlete works as a stripper to fund his training.

Las Vegas strip clubs are experimenting with new ways to hustle money out of customers, like 2-for-1 lap dances and the allure of a free buffet during slow hours. Catherine worries this will just bring in more cheapskates and stoners.

Alternet declares Roselawn, Ind., the kinkiest city in the U.S. Lynn Comella of the Las Vegas Weekly disagrees with Vegas’ designation as the third kinkiest city, as does Tits and Sass interviewee Laurenn McCubbin.

Connecticut strippers are suing their club over their illegal independent contractor status.

The Free Speech Coalition has launched a database called Adult Production Health and Safety Services, which will replace the AIM database that was hacked last spring. The new site will have much less identifying information about its members to avoid compromising their privacy.

The first known pole dancing retreat in Costa Rica will be taking place this fall.

The families of the Long Island serial killer’s victims are still hopeful for answers.

A new iPhone app called iCondom will tell users where the closest condom dispenser is.

Here is a good photo of Britney Spears doing a lap dance on stage again.

Chris Hansen, of To Catch a Predator fame, is still taking flak over his stripper mistress.

Some Las Vegas women protested in front of the Hustler Club over news that Larry Flynt offered Casey Anthony half a million dollars to appear in Hustler magazine, as if expecting to confront Flynt himself. He responded by releasing an email statement telling them to “get a life.”

In Kimberly Kupps’ obscenity trial, the notion of “community” is being questioned in relation to online porn distribution and local obscenity laws.

A swingers’ club in Dallas was claiming to be a church, but a district judge deemed it to be an unlicensed sexually oriented business and ordered it closed.



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