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The Week In Links: April 8

Disturbing! And not at all related to news.

Surprisingly short slideshow of sex working women who’ve run for (international) political office.

Moby Chicks was an April Fool’s joke, but I think it’s a genius idea. What does maritime law say about topless dancing?

Horrible article on Zimbabwean farmers who spend their profits on sex workers.

A play about a “high class” prostitute (named Charlotte!) is running right now in LA.

Cool resource, bro. No, seriously—cool resource. This website compiles studies on sex worker populations across the world.

An exotic dancer puts all her money toward her no-kill animal shelter.

Three more bodies found on Long Island, all suspected to be victims of a serial killer using Craigslist to find prostitutes. This means eight prostitutes total have been found dead, with one woman still missing.

Meanwhile, Atlantic City police are still trying to solve the 2006 murders of four prostitutes.

Very cool: a book of documentary photographs taken by street workers was recently released in Australia.

Should politicians accept donations from strip clubs?

A Virginia podiatrist allegedly shot at a private dancer (and her bodyguard) after she refused to perform additional sex acts. As the article’s author charmingly writes, “this being Virginia, one neighbor promptly appeared with his own weapon” and the incident was brought to a close.

A prostitute allegedly killed her john after learning he had herpes.

Once again, a (wannabe) john called the police department after he was scammed by a (sort-of?) escort. I’ve always wondered, does someone still count as a sex worker if they only make their money promising sex but never delivering? Sounds more like a professional cock tease.

Showtime is airing a documentary series on male escorts who service women. You better believe further discussion/coverage will be forthcoming on this site, and you can entertain yourself with this little controversy in the meantime.

This is a pretty interesting editorial on a prostitute who allegedly robbed a client after he refused to pay her: “It’s unrealistic to expect our sex-workers to acquiesce to their own mistreatment, just because they happen to be criminals.”

A former stripper and prostitute who served jail time for giving her husband HIV was refused re-entry to Canada after her deportation to Thailand.

The arrest of a popular hip hop DJ caught having (paid for) sex with a trans woman could be an opportunity to talk about decriminalization.

On sex work and safer sex in India.



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