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The Week In Links: April 1st

AdultCon by the numbers

India has already blocked the new .XXX domain.

Time covers Vallejo, California’s attempts to eliminate street prostitution. (Naturally, street prostitution is a “plague.”)

A Las Vegas artist enlisted strangers to interact with sex toys made in her body image “in an effort to mimic the kinds of interactions that sex workers have with their clients.” Because sex workers are just like disembodied silicon body parts.

South Africa may soon see a reality TV show dedicated to finding the best porn star.

Antigua lawmakers refuse to even entertain the idea of legalizing prostitution. A-holes.

Canada’s Supreme Court, however, agreed to hear challenges to its prostitution laws. And a huge coalition formed in Quebec to advocate for sex worker rights.

Minnesota may pass a law that stops prosecuting minors for engaging in prostitution.

Sadly, another body has been found that seems to have been the victim of the (still at large) Long Island serial killer who targets prostitutes. Meanwhile, in the wake of finding the bodies of two (former?) prostitutes, Memphis police are denying that they have a serial killer on their hands.

A TV producer realizes she’s been an ass when it comes to her assumptions about women in prostitution, HuffPo commenters make even bigger asses of themselves in response.

One of the Kardashians compared acting to prostitution and was promptly ridiculed for being “stupid.” (Even though actors have a long history of being regarded as prostitutes.) Megan Fox once said the same thing. Dumb bimbos, drawing accurate parallels between one career that we revile and one career that we exalt! Go back to wearing revealing clothing while making out with men you’ve just met for a camera.

A (wonderful) Columbus judge sentenced a woman to counseling rather than jail after she was arrested for trying to prostitute while HIV positive.

Sherri’s Ranch, a Nevada brothel, is facing a bunch of weird charges.

Queens, New York, is inundated with the same type of prostitute-advertising cards handed out on the Las Vegas strip. Yeah, why aren’t those more popular in every city?

Underage girls in Zimbabwe are asserting that they want to work as prostitutes because it allows them to make a living.

Some Brits are trying to stop the deportation of a Ghanian trafficking victim who contacted HIV during her time in the UK.

Sweden’s Minister of Justice writes about why her country penalizes prostitute clients rather than prostitutes themselves.

Indian sex workers reject sympathy that comes with the imperative to “rehabilitate.”

Some thoughts from and on men who hire sex workers.

Mother Jones asks “Is Murder an Occupational Hazard For Prostitutes?”


  1. I do not understand the Sweden story.

    Sweden’s Minister of Justice writes about why her country penalizes prostitute clients rather than prostitutes themselves.

    Sure their system seems better than the USA system where everyone is penalized, but I do not see how they reduce male demand? I have been seeing sex workers for almost 2 decades and could not imaging life without them.

    Most men I know have a lifestyle around sex workers and no matter how much pressure was applied against this activity would never be able to stop.

    Sweden is an unusual country by most measures, it is hard to compare this part of the world with anywhere else. But if they insist that their policy works I am all for it. At least if it was applied in the USA we could help women work in a better environment, and work primarily indoors.


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