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Warning: this touching submission might make you cry. Tits and Sass sends their condolences to Barney’s family.

I’m Ashley, an escort (among other things) in Toronto. This is a tiny dream come true…but also a requiem.

When my partner and I rescued Barney after our elderly neighbour died a couple of months ago, I thought immediately about getting him to pose with some cash for this page, because I think it’s sweet and hilarious. About a week ago I came home happy and tipsy after a fun dinner date, and managed to get this half-decent pic with some bills from the week. My plans for a re-shoot, and a long, good time together were dashed two days ago. We knew he had health issues, but had been friendly to guests and rather doggy in his enthusiam for food just a day earlier. He died in our arms on the way to the vet.

Thanks for being a great companion for not-nearly-long-enough, Barney.

Sex workers, send us your pictures of your dogs and dollars or cats and stacks to info@titsandsass.com. Include the name you’d like us to use, what kind of work you do, and a link to your site if you’d like.

Special Stacks and Cats note: Today we also would like to send out a special notice that friend of the site Melissa Gira Grant is seeking your photos of your cats and cash for an art project. She needs your submissions by the end of the day tomorrow. You can submit here.


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