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Sex Workers Occupy Oakland

Sex work activists join the march to the Port of Oakland yesterday.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, over 100,000 people participated in Occupy Oakland’s General Strike yesterday, the first general strike in the U.S. since 1946. Check out this recent article on Feministing.com for a discussion on how sex workers fit into the Occupy Movement.

Natalie is a writer, editor and stripper from California who works there and in Las Vegas. She strapped on her first pair of seven-inch stilettos and never looked back, despite taunts from the bartender of "Why don't you brush your hair?" and "Grunge isn't cool any more." Ignoring those who were determined to crush her dreams, Natalie persevered, still doesn't brush her hair, and is doing pretty fuckin' fine nonetheless. Also, grunge will always be cool, and the bartender was eventually fired for being an asshole.


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