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Have you ever wanted to be in an endless e-mail chain with Caty, Josephine, and Bubbles? Are you interested in the policy that affects our working and personal lives? Do you like to debate the differences between representations of sex workers on Game of Thrones and The Wire? We want you! Tits and Sass is seeking co-editors to help run the site.

Candidates will be:

1) deeply committed to sex workers’ rights
2) interested in representations of sex work in the media and popular culture
3) able to commit 10 hours of their week to the site
4) familiar with WordPress and Google Docs
5) preferably a full-service sex worker or porn/cam performer; must be a current sex worker
6) able to use either their real name or a pseudonym to represent their work
7) familiar with the site, with real fondness for it
8) from anywhere in the world—preferably from outside the U.S. to add international perspective to our currently all-American editing team

This is a volunteer position. Contact us here introducing yourself and explaining why you’re interested in working with Tits and Sass, along with links to your writing samples and online presence. We especially encourage candidates who are neither white nor cisgender to contact us.

Suzy Hooker is a collective byline.


  1. Hi. I’m your girl 🙂 I’m completely comfortable with my sexuality, with sex, talking about sex, having sex, talking about any kind of sex, sex toys… I own and use several sex toys and buy from Babeland and ExtremeRestraints.com for the extra fun stuff. I’ve been heterosexual for many years now but have experience with women and like women. I enjoy strip clubs. I’ve also been to male gay clubs and watched live male gay sex – fun! I’ve participated in pay-for group sex at an adult club with hubby – with two girls – more fun! I worked for the Mayflower Madam in the 1980’s (yep, I’m 55, a size 0, 36D and hot). I still enjoy an active and imaginative sex life. I’m currently signed up for a few burlesque classes in NYC with Jo Wheldon – always looking to learn more 🙂
    I’m a full-time “homemaker” – that is, my time is my own … I can commit as many as to the volunteer position as needed. I am commited to sex workers rights. Selling your body is the same as selling your mind. You are selling yourself either way. There is no difference or discrimination. It should be legalized and protected. I have no issue/problem using my real name. I also happen to like the name of your site – so I have no problem with it 🙂
    Sorry – I’m not international – I’m a Jersey girl but not Jersey born .. I’m from NYC
    Check me out … get a different perspective 😉 xoxoxoxo

  2. Please, Tits and Sass folks, please spare us non-sex worker dabblers who can’t correctly follow instructions.

      • She may be a former sex worker, but the job description says “must be a current sex worker.” Hence my concern about her clear inability to follow instructions.

      • I’m sorry to be so pissy. I’m a survival sex worker, as many of us are, and I feel an irrational rage when I have to deal with folks who are like “I took a pole dancing class and I feel validated in my own sexuality! Hooray sex work! Hooray me!” I feel like cornering them and hissing “It was literally life or death for me, you jackass. Don’t infringe on my reality because you crave feeling edgy and want to be cool.”
        This is the same feeling I get with this lady. Maybe, maybe, she worked for Sydney Barrows back in the day. I’m more inclined to believe she saw the made-for-TV movie about the “Mayflower Madam.” But even if it is true, that was thirty years ago. Now poor Kathleen doesn’t even know enough to realize that most sex workers want decrim, not legalization. And to top it off she writes that she’s signed up for some burlesque classes, like taking a dancing class could help her to understand what sex workers like me have to live through. Seeing this logorrhea of an application made me feel both sick and furious. You know what, to hell with these people who are like “I own sex toys! I’ve seen dudes have sex! I would be a great person to help out with a sex worker site!” I like this site because even though I might not agree with what everyone writes, we are all sex workers. All I am saying, or trying to say, is don’t dilute that.


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