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“Lapdancing Nun” Ruins It for Everyone

Or so most of the reports read. One ex-stripper nun and her emphatic interpretive dancing has caused the monastery at the Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, a basilica built around 325, to be shut down by Pope Benedict XVI. I see how her performances could be considered inappropriate. She does roll around on the ground, looking like she’s sliding into home with the cross. (What’s the protocol there? Do they have to burn it like a desecrated flag?) But, I have a hard time believing Sister Anna Nobili is the most scandalous thing to happen within the confines of Santa Croce in 1,686 years. We’re talking about the Catholic Church here. What does everyone think? I find her performances to be heartfelt and enthusiastic, albeit vaguely sexual in nature and not the most nunlike. Judge for yourselves.

Kat has been stripping since 2003 and blogging about it since 2009. She works at a club next to the Chips Ahoy factory. Sometimes it smells like cookies but usually it just smells like cheap body spray. She doesn't think it's very funny to make fun of deceased prostitutes and doesn't see why you can't just stick with a good old-fashioned dick joke. You can find her on twitter. You may send mail to katstories [at] gmail.com but she must insist that you don't send her any form of poetry whatsoever.


  1. Wow.. she’s pretty graceful sans habit…
    That said, I can see the Catholic church closing a basilica over that- I chaperoned a trip to Rome where a teenaged girl got our group thrown out of St. Peter’s for bending over at the waist to retie her shoe. How scandalous!

  2. Actually, the Sister is the least (but most media-friendly) of the problem — the Basilica trucks on under new management, what happened is that the Pope kicked out the Order of monks that had been running the Basilica and closed their monastery, after a couple of years of investigation found the monks were running a variety of for-profit schemes including a limo service and hotel and generally living large off making theirs the “hip” celebrities’ parish.


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