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A New Sex Work Activist Organization: SWAAY

Redoubtable blogger, agent provocateur, and ecoporn pioneer Furry Girl launched her new activist group earlier this month, SWAAY (Sex Work Activists, Allies, and You). The site’s tagline is: “SWAAY is a not-for-profit project whose aim is connecting people with resources to learn more about sex work, and to encourage involvement with activism for sex workers’ rights.”

It’s broadly based and appears to be speaking in great part to the general public, explaining what certain jobs within the sex industry involve. Along with a lot of basic information for consumers, there’s a solid list of U.S. and international sex workers’ organizations. The site is completely SFW. A call for submissions from sex workers who are comfortable showing their faces has been posted on the site.

Susan, formerly known as Bubbles Burbujas/StripperTweets, is a career stripper who started dancing while Clinton was in office. She has a B.A. in English and enjoys playing totally inappropriate obscure music at work. twitter dot com tumblr susaneshepard at gmail dot com



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