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What really happens in the dressing room

photo by Honey sfhoneypot.blogspot.com

Tits and Sass loves Lily Burana‘s piece in Salon this week, When We Were Strippers.

Kat is a co-founder of Tits and Sass. She started stripping in 2003 and is still hoofing it. You can find her on Twitter.


  1. WOW. This article so takes me back. I danced in the late 90s/early 2Ks and one of my strongest memories was being taken under the wings of the two top girls at the club from Day 1. They adopted me, they taught me, they tutored me, they took zero shit, and they never for a second let themselves be degraded by it and made sure I knew how to do the same — and that I had the right and an obligation to.

    For awhile, until the club turned to shit (as unfortunately, they so often do), most of those of us who worked there really had that sense of supportive camaraderie. It was real.

    “There was something reassuring about slumping onto a dressing room stool on a bad night, tossing a fistful of sweaty singles on the red counter and groaning, “Oh my God,” and a girl inspecting her tan lines at the full-length mirror would roll her eyes and say, “I know, right?” So true and it’s what got me through it.

  2. Hee hee–look at all those platforms!

    Couldn’t be happier to get the Tits and Sass Seal of Approval! If I knew how, I’d create a little Make It Rain .gif and shower you all with my virtual gratitude. <3


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