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We Want More Trans Perspectives!

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We would sincerely love to have more diverse voices on the site but until we find some trans folks generous enough to give us their original writing, we’ll do our best to highlight a few of the pieces already available online. Here’s an excellent one by Morgan M. Page that you should go read in full. Page writes clearly and compellingly about how sex working trans people are simultaneously used for political gain and under-supported by non-sex working trans activists:

Media representations focusing on a single stereotype suck for every oppressed or underrepresented group. That’s totally fair. What’s not fair is when the rest of the community backlashes against this by trying to distance themselves entirely from those represented by the stereotype. At the end of the day, I don’t care if the fact that I and a lot of my friends are or were sex workers makes your grandmother uncomfortable. What I care about is the fact that sex work is still illegal in so many countries, leading to more violence, stigma, and murders of trans and cis sex workers, yet there’s been little effort by mainstream trans (or queer) organizations to help sex worker organizations fight for their rights.

If you feel inspired to share your own thoughts about this or related issues, we would love to be your platform. You can find out more about contributing here.


  1. Hey, can i suggest you try some radical ways of including highly marginalized voices like doing interviews or building a partnership with a trans organization or media outlet that includes trans voices or…all kinds of other ideas i haven’t even thought of but people who’s voices are perpetually left out probably have!

    thanks! i love you T&A!


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