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Stripper Music Monday: Captains Spend and Save-A-Ho

I wonder if a hip hop video director ever says, “I like your idea for shooting in the strip club, but don’t you think that’s a little overdone? Perhaps we could make it rain elsewhere?” Nah. That never happens. Here’s Wale’s very NSFW video for “Bait.”

Watch it for the dancing, especially the awesome “stripper surfing on another stripper” pole move.

Hot on the heels of Lil Wayne’s maudlin “How to Love” comes J. Cole’s “Daddy’s Little Girl.”

I find the juxtaposition of the little girl ballerina really disturbing, and not in the way the director intended. Dudes, check yourselves with this “poor stripper” bullshit. I’ll be impressed when you start supporting some education initiatives and the empowerment of women instead of spewing the same old sexist, paternalistic bullshit. Objectification like that in the Wale video is preferable to the paternalism in Cole’s.

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Susan, formerly known as Bubbles Burbujas/StripperTweets, is a career stripper who started dancing while Clinton was in office. She has a B.A. in English and enjoys playing totally inappropriate obscure music at work. twitter dot com tumblr susaneshepard at gmail dot com



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