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Nicki Minaj lapdancing for Steve Nash

So this is a regular feature of Nicki Minaj’s stage show now, where she pulls some available local or celeb on stage for a lapdance, telling them, “Legs open, hands behind your back, mouth closed.” That phrase comes verbatim from a strip club bouncer or DJ, guaranteed. Here she is doing it for Lil Wayne. Here she is doing it for the troops.

It’s a lot nicer than what happens onstage at most strip clubs to bachelors and birthday boys (getting whipped, having their underwear torn off, etc). Also, Steve Nash is really cute, and I wonder what kind of strip club customer Minaj is? Once, while I was working in Atlanta, a tiny bombshell of a Black girl in a canary yellow dress and sunglasses made it rain on me. After my stage she bought table dances and kept throwing money on me the whole time. I like to imagine she does it like that.

Some performers incorporate stripper moves into their shows to uncomfortable (Miley Cyrus), desexualized (Lady Gaga), or comedic (Katy Perry) effect. Then there’s Minaj, who has the attitude and performance chops to pull off stripper style without seeming like a musical theater stripper or drunk female customer performing an amateur lapdance for her date at the club. Stripping is often a campy, kitschy enterprise made cheesier when interpreted by popular performers, but she makes the moves look entertaining and—impossibly, and thanks to her own assertiveness—edgy. Nash’s awkward mugging is so close to what intimidated customers do when unsure how to react, while Minaj’s strut is that of the stripper who knows exactly what she’s doing. No director could have asked for a better performance of an inexperienced customer/confident vixen interaction.

Not often do I see a performer pull some stripper shit out on stage without cringing. Dancers, do you agree with me, or are you shaking your collective heads at Nicki? I suspect we might all really love her.



  1. I appreciate that he played the client role so well with his mouth biting and licking of the lips…perhaps he’s done this before?

  2. I once stated that Nicki is the patron saint of strippers. I have a sneaking suspicion that she was once one her self. I agree with you about her customer style. There’s even a line in one of her songs “throw some fresh ones”. I feel like all of her songs have a certain stripper swagger to them. Did it on Em being the perfect song to dance to if you’re trying to shake off some “haters” at the club. Love Nicki. Love her.

  3. Is it just me or does he seem really confused and uncomfortable? Also, that is one of the most cursory, “I don’t want to be here, give me your 20$ and leave” lap dances I’ve ever seen.

  4. I love Nicki! I watch her videos to get me in the mood to go to work, she reminds me of how much FUN stripping can be.


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