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I’m The Sex Worker Who Was Outed As Hugo Schwyzer’s Sexting Partner

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  1. I lived in LA and worked as a dancer whiles I was there,I visited AIM HealthCare and but never followed through with the actual porn.Two years later all hell breaks loose,I was listed on on Porn Wikileaks along with hundreds of other Men and Women that were outed,My Stage Name in LA,My Real Name and a note attached saying “I am a whore who moved too LA too shame my family”.

    Whoever did this too me,also you ,although he really tortured you and I hate it.Whoever your ex is,I hope he rots.I am sorry,but I really do not care.

  2. Hey lady

    I’m glad you felt like you could write this, and I’m so sorry for the shit you’ve been put through. I hope everything works out for you in academics, for your own sake + for everyone else’s; we all deserve better than profs like Hugo.


  3. I thank you for this post, for a few reasons.

    Firstly, Hugo as a person is selfish and dangerous. He is “unsafe at any speed” to quote Ralph Nader. I empathize with what you just described: being dragged by him into his self-absorbed world of attention getting which seems always to involve other people being violated by him…at all times. He is pathological. Hell, I empathize with you for simply knowing him.

    Second, Hugo as the problem within conversations about feminism and sex work – is equally dangerous. There is still a willingness for people within and outside of the communities of feminism and sex workers, to give a white male huckster an open platform to pontificate. Hugo serves as a grim reminder that the work of dismantling patriarchal oppression dynamics and supporting the rights of sex workers as equal members of humankind.

    I don’t care about the LOTR style ending of Hugo (i.e. he keeps pretending like it’s the end, and then he starts another closing dialogue). Who knows, maybe he’ll turn “leaving the Internet” into a cottage industry. Who cares?

    What’s important to me, what’s real to me…is that the willingness to give Hugo the floor (with zero qualification / merit / value) is nowhere near being finished. The conditions that made Hugo are still here, alive and kicking. There are a hundred Hugo’s waiting for their chance to step into the limelight. With each one, there are the lives of real people that will be put at risk for the vanity of someone pretending to dismantle sexism while just making it worse.


  4. As someone who is also a sex worker and in academia, and who lives in constant fear of being “outed,” I sympathize with you. You are living through my worst nightmare.

    I have no personal experience with Schwyzer, but I know women who do. He was and is an opportunistic predator. Do not let him reel you back in. And this isn’t an “I-told-you-so” coming from me–I don’t know any woman who hasn’t been taken advantage of by a smooth-talking guy.

    I’m in AA (agnostic AA here in NYC) and I know what sincere, recovering addicts look like. They don’t look like Schwyzer (or even like myself).

    Again, I’m sorry that you are going through this. It must be devastating.

    Miss Margo

  5. I am horrified at the unwanted and unnecessary attention you’ve received in this whole issue. You didn’t deserve any of it- the story should squarely be focused on him and his behavior and not the women.

  6. Exellent article, thank you for writing it. I agree with Ikoi Hiroe’s comment about how the focus has been put on the women – and as you say, specifically a sex worker – rather than his own dangerous patterns of behaviour. As you were brought into this ‘conversation’ against your will, I’m glad that you have written your own story, as your voice needs to be heard.

  7. Thank you for this, Christina. You have the kind of fierceness and integrity that makes for an extraordinary scholar and activist. Although it’s sometimes difficult to see past the negative and hurtful parts of any situation, I hope you can feel the deep support and respect radiating from other sex workers and academics.


  8. Thank you for your honest, candid post. Most of the world is too uptight to deal with the reality that is politics, human sexuality and relationships. Please see this as a mere bump in the road to your goals. Good luck with academia!!!

  9. Have strength, courage and cope. You are brave. Soon you will have wisdom, which only comes from having had to deal with jerks. I admire you, the bravery you show.
    Peace, Steve

  10. I just want to say that I totally support and stand by you. It’s insane and unfair that you’ve been caught and publicized in this situation. Wishing you the best, and just so you know I would never for a second take someone less seriously as an academic just because they’ve worked in this industry.

  11. We need some national and state and local legislation that protects the privacy of sex workers of all types. It ought to be illegal to violate the privacy of every kind of erotic laborer and our support staff.
    Exposing us in the manner you described is a form of hate speech and all parties who participated ought to be held criminally and civilly liable. Our class doesn’t have the right to equal protection under the law. Our class doesn’t have specific anti discrimination protections in housing, education, employment, child custody and financial institutional exploitation-yet! Getting this specific kinds of protections ought to the highest priority for current and former workers and for our families and larger communities.

  12. Those men have all three of them acted shockingly toward you. I didn’t know exactly what the real porn star wiki was when I was linked to the article about you on it, but it was obviously not a reliable source and it seemed very concerned with smearing you, calling you a drug addict with mental problems, a liar, etc. Sorry you have to deal with all this.

    Best of luck in your future endeavors and I think it would be amazing if you became a professor.

  13. I’m sorry that happened to you. The feeling that “everybody knows” will subside. You’ll have it come rushing back from time to time and you think it will never end, but it does.

    I too, think you’d make a great professor. Your curiosity for life leaps off this page.

  14. What has happened to you was a whole bunch of rubbish, weither you a sex worker, a sinner or a saint, at the end of the day you are not defined as what you do, more of who you are… And that is human with a right to dignity and respect. Seriously people who try and take the moral high ground actually have no idea where that is and make up some mystical line. I hope you do well in your academics and to be honest everyone else who does not understand or make an honest attempt should just keep quiet. Its actually safer for them.

  15. I don’t have much to add in terms of analysis but I just wanted to express my sympathy and support. I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through and thank you for having the courage to speak out.

  16. Sounds like you’ve been through some shit with these guys. So long as you know you still have the respect of people who really matter! I hope this all works out for you 🙁

  17. Christina- I can’t wait to hear more about your PhD dissertation. You’re a wonderful writer and obviously very articulate and insightful. I’m so sorry you’ve had this experience and that your consent had been violated. I wish I could reach out in some way and let you know what a bright future as a writer/ academic you have. Ill stay tuned. You’re going places. Xx

  18. I’ve watched you deal with so much hate and nastiness. I’m sorry that this continues. Good for you for speaking out. Sending support and hugs xo

  19. Christina ,

    It’s truly shocking this drama that you have found yourself caught up in, I think its clear to see your Honesty and integrity amidst this chaos. Stay strong and focused on whats most important to you and finish your studies. Its very important to Edit those in our lives and surround ourselves with people who Benefit us, and Edit out those who don’t, Look for the medicine within this poison x

    Well done and keep strong and more important keep to your truth ! xx

    Sirenna x


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