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“I didn’t pick her up on no doggone playground.”

Former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor recently plead guilty to seeing an underage escort, resulting in a sentence of six years of probation and “registered sex offender” status. Sixteen-year-old Christina Fierro came to his room claiming to be 19, but was apparently the underage victim of a violent and coercive pimp. L.T. claims not to have been able to discern her age, describing her as a “19-year-old working girl who came to my room.”

In a surprisingly honest interview with Fox’s Sheperd Smith, L.T. makes no apologies about his extra-curricular activities, admitting to having used escort services before. While he makes it clear that he never would have seen an underage worker had he known, he doesn’t buy into the popular morality that demonizes sex workers and their clientele. “It’s not that I solicit prostitutes often… [but] I’m not looking for a relationship. Hey, sometimes I look for some company.” Right on.

It’s awful to see another underage girl dragged into the profession against her will—and frustrating to see the media latch onto it as another example of why the entire sex industry is exploitative and should be villified—but props to L.T. for being honest.


Natalie is a writer, editor and stripper from California who works there and in Las Vegas. She strapped on her first pair of seven-inch stilettos and never looked back, despite taunts from the bartender of "Why don't you brush your hair?" and "Grunge isn't cool any more." Ignoring those who were determined to crush her dreams, Natalie persevered, still doesn't brush her hair, and is doing pretty fuckin' fine nonetheless. Also, grunge will always be cool, and the bartender was eventually fired for being an asshole.


  1. And this guy was a football player. Just goes to show, all men need sex work regularly!

    Ladies we are sooo grateful for your hard work and patience. You make are hearts (and other things) throb.


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