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Escort Music Monday: Massive Attack’s ‘Mezzanine’

For about a year and a half every client I saw at the incall (at least for their first few visits—I often forgot they’d seen me before) would get to enjoy a fabulous hour or more with me doing wicked and evil things to them, set to the ambient backdrop of Massive Attack’s ‘Mezzanine’. I think it’s the perfect hooker album—sexy, moody and dirty. Most clients commented positively about it and wanted to know what it was.

The entire album length is just over an hour so it’s perfect to keep track of time without having to set a pesky alarm. Nothing says paid sexy time is OVER like a blaring alarm right before a client blows his load!  With this album I know when the music stops it’s time to get him back in the shower or do something new for the next hour.

The album has moody edges which I always found would time perfectly with the naughty things I was doing with/to people. Often the music would quieten after the client had climaxed or I had faked my fifth. Great for a segway into a new activity/conversation/relaxation. Or even for those moments of quiet reflection, when the client thinks about how amazing he is in the sack and I think happily about the bill I will pay after the session. Or make a grocery list in my head and wonder about the time I have left with the client. Probably 20 minutes. Better start moving towards a shower.

Not that I would have such thoughts during a booking, of course—I’m only in it for the sex part—the work bit is irrelevant, I’m sure!

Anyway, after a little repose the music gets all dirty again. It’s just in time for either the real finale or to serve as a reminder of the filthy and fantastic time the client has just had.

More often than not once the client was dressed he would say something like, “Thank you so much. I had the best time. The music really set the mood. You’re so wonderful! Same time next month?”


Olive May is a queer whore from Australia who started doing sex work at 17. She lives in the country, works in the city and in her spare time writes angry letters to politicians. She sometimes blogs at dirtyhoexoxo.wordpress.com



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