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Escort Music Monday: Ambient Incall Songs

As we’ve learned from the titillating weekly edition of “Stripper Music Monday,” music plays a big part in setting a vibe which endears clients/customers to us and encourages them to open their pockets. As an escort, it’s important to me to have an ambient yet modern soundtrack to the experience at hand, and I get positive feedback on my playlist quite often, that which I play in the background during my appointments. When the music is good, the mood is more likely to be good, thereby putting clients more at ease. I also find that when a client recognizes even one song, he feels safer (though at the same time, diggin’ on music he’s never heard before can be intellectually stimulating). So recently I had a music buff client ask me to send him the contents of my playlist (cuz it’s that good), and I was inspired to share it here with you all as well, since I know I’m always on the hunt for new additions to my repertoire.  

Ryan Adams, “My Winding Wheel” (in my opinion anything on the Heartbreaker, Cold Roses, 29, and Jacksonville City Nights albums is absolutely tops)

Neko Case, “Middle Cyclone” (this album of the same name is uh-maz-ing)

Amy Winehouse, “Love is a Losing Game” (miss that talented biotch)

Coldplay, “High Speed” (like Radiohead, Coldplay has some grrrreat romantic rainy day music)

Zero 7, “Destiny” (ambient groove)

Neko Case, “I Wish I Was the Moon” (you’ll find a few repeat artists here, for sure)

The Avett Brothers, “Pretty Girl at the Airport”

Ryan Adams, “Come Pick Me Up”

Norah Jones, “Turn Me On” (need I say more?)

Neko Case, “Runnin’ Out of Fools” (Aretha Franklin cover)

Morcheeba, “Crimson” (another sexy ambient track)

Leonard Cohen, “Suzanne” (the Man With the Golden Voice needs no explanation)

Zero 7, “Distractions”

U2, “Mothers of the Disappeared” (not very sexy, per se, but I’m really digging The Joshua Tree right now)

INXS, “Never Tear Us Apart” (on the other hand, this is perhaps one of the sexiest songs ever)

Feist, “How My Heart Behaves” (she’s cute)

Alison Krauss, “Maybe” (she is nothing less than an angel)

Thom Yorke has no idea what we use his music for.

Paula Cole, “Feelin’ Love” (okay, maybe this is one of the sexiest songs ever)

Neko Case, “Star Witness”

Neko Case, “The Pharaohs” (can you tell who I’m obsessed with these days?!)

Massive Attack, “Paradise Circus” (this group is responsible for the “House” theme song)

Chris Isaak, “Wicked Game” (okay, no, really, sexiest song ever) 😀

Florence + The Machine, “Blinding”

Radiohead, “Give Up the Ghost”

Radiohead, “Codex”

Oh gosh, I feel a little exposed now. But there it is, the general foundation I keep, though it stays in constant evolution. Clients seem to like that it’s soft yet energetic, and I’m not just playing some Indian music and burning incense. Do you put a significant amount of energy into your music? Do you have a go-to playlist, or do you play Pandora?  A CD?  Nothing at all?

Lilly Muse was living on Maui three years ago when she got smart and began experimenting with a variety of sex-based employment, all for which she dislikes giving equivocal explanations. She wishes it were all just legal because she’s a hopeless liar and is quite fond of her real name. She’s been writing since Microsoft rocked only one font on that blue screen and is now composing either a children’s book about a giraffe or a short story about an obsessive compulsive hand model. Right now some of her favorite things include Victoria’s Secret one size fits all thongs (no joke! Go get some now!), lightly sautéed kale, POP Pilates, and the teacher fantasy she hopes to bring into reality. When she’s not shaving her legs or changing sheets, she is fascinated by anything pertaining to sex work and voices her loud opinions on bipartisan tomfoolery and funny cat videos.


  1. Try the XX album from 2009, perhaps its the boy/girl vocals, but I’ve always found it quite sexy in a low-fi, quiet but energetic way. Though it may not fit alongside Norah Jones, eh.

  2. This is an amazing soundtrack! I generally let clients play what they want, but I’ve been meaning to put together a playlist… you’ve inspired me to actually do it.

  3. I cannot imagine listening to “Give Up The Ghost” with a client! It would be excruciatingly intimate. I put a chastity belt on the songs that mean the most to me.

    I don’t keep an incall, but I do have an iPod on hand in case I’m requested to provide some music. My secret weapon is Sam Cooke—most clients don’t see it coming and are completely disarmed. It makes even the most jaded folks feel like they are newly in love.

  4. Lol, This is embarrassing but I listen to Destiny’s Child, number ones cd. Its kinda perfect, starts out slow an a it soulful and then has a few more upbeat sexed up songs and back down to a slower one. And it has lots of girl power type songs with lyrics about independent women making their own money. “The clothes I’m wearing I bought it The rock I’m rockin’ I bought it ‘Cause I depend on me” etc, there is heaps of it.

    Im not keen on love songs or song about bad relationships. I don want to remind them of anything. haha.

    Sometimes I also listen to Madonna – erotica album.

  5. how embarassing ( bis ) at the moment i mostly do erotic body to body thai massage …i put “relaxation” music on last.fm and cross my fingers that the series of instrumental classic tunes or ocarina version of the Titanic soundtrack wont be interrupted by a loud ad for “coughing syrup” with a graphic description of mucus ….like it just happened with my last client ! cos then i have to try to turn the computers’ volume down with my fingers covered in almond oil.
    And yes incense of course.

    Having said that i am quite excited because one of my last client was a very cute student in musicology and he promised to make me 10 cds of rare classical music perfect for massage ! isnt that great ? 🙂

    And dont forget to check this site from ex rent boy mattew http://mixtapesforhookers.com/ !

  6. I can honestly say I throughly enjoyed all the tracks. Its not with a lot of thought I consider how music (and the sounds and melodic rhythms) we listen can affect our mindsets w/ clients.

    I can see how passion (induced w/ the right tone) can very well be enhanced and leave one feeling as if they were in a blissful orgasmic state. Music’s that powerful. I’ll have to refer a client or two to the very least, Neko Case 😉

    Thought provoking post and tunes.

    -Logan Wright
    Striaght Male Companion

  7. Ohgawdyes, Sam Cooke! Right on, Charlotte.

    Luca, I have a similar problem with Pandora. Too many damn commercials to quickly bring the mood down to waaaay unsexy. And unless you’ve got your station tailored to your needs perfectly, a lot of songs just plain suck. Hopefully I get Pandora One as a Christmas gift. 🙂

    And yes, Logan, I believe you have a particular advantage (or disadvantage) as a male companion. Women are wholly sensual, as you probably know, and are that much more sensitive to their environment, including music–if you’ve got the wrong tunes going, chances are her openness and libido are going to go with it. But with the right ones, WHOOEY! Neko Case is an earthy, relatable, golden-voiced sweetheart to any gal; you introduce your clients to her, you’re set!


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