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Donut Ho: Sex Work In The Strangest Places

By now the New Jersey Donut Ho is national news. How couldn’t she be? She was allegedly turning tricks at a Dunkin’ Donuts. You couldn’t pick a place with more cops if you were working inside an actual police station. To summarize: A woman who worked the late shift at a DD in Rockaway, NJ would leave her post at the drive-though window to entertain customers in their cars. She was arrested (and released) after six weeks of undercover investigation, a typical waste of public resources on pursuing victimless crimes. Well, not victimless; if anyone has standing for damages in this instance, it’s her employer, yeah?

Her choice of venue was unusual and entrepreneurial, though she wasn’t the first person to choose a nontraditional venue for selling sex. Here’s some other stories about similar go-getters in the sex trade.

Is That A Footlong In Your Pocket Or Did You Get A Lapdance With Your Sandwich?

Anthony Agnello never really used his journalism degree, but he did run a stripper agency for years before opening a sandwich shop. Slow sales led to his novel marketing approach for Cousin Vinny’s Way: remodeling the back room to resemble a strip club and advertising that at night, Cousin Vinny’s Way would turn into a strip club. After a bunch of publicity and community outrage ensued, Agnello claimed it was merely a stunt to boost business and that he never intended to actually operate a strip club. Hilariously, he encountered much bigger legal troubles when the Subway sandwich shop chain sued him for using their branded sandwich wrappers, napkins, and other franchise material in his non-Subway store.

Next Stop, Your Pants

In 2008, two female Washington, DC Metro employees were arrested for working out of the Dupont Circle Station. The station manager attempted to sell sex tourism travel packages and admission to swingers’ parties, and a custodian used the station as a place to entice potential clients. The bust involved an undercover actually getting the station manager to use the station intercom to page her coworker in order to arrange a tryst. One of the best things about this story is the rehab program they were sent to, which, among other things, taught entrepreneurial skills. Seriously? These women had those!

Extra Toppings $1.00, Topless $10.00

Much to my surprise (and then utter sorrow that I never visited when it existed), the stories about Cordato’s Pizza were not the stuff of urban legend. If you entered this deli next to the Pussycat Lounge (an aboveground strip club), and went through an unmarked door in the back, you’d find a secret bar. Customers here could purchase the kind of personal lapdances unavailable at the stage-only club next door. Of course, like many other fabulously seedy New York things, it’s been cleaned up thanks to nosy neighbors and a local TV expose. But its TUSCL listing lives on.


  1. Six weeks to figure out what was going on? Did they make sure to get everyone on the force serviced before moving in on this dangerous criminal?

    I knew of some enterprising young ladies that bought a van and were working out of the parking lot of a Home Depot. Lot’s of contractors with cash in their pockets.

  2. i loved this article! p.s. not to be a stickler for details, but i worked one shift at the pussycat lounge (what a dump) and you can totally get a lapdance there.


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