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I got the keys to a new apartment and moved the dogs in the day before the rest of the furniture. Slept on a sleeping bag, hid my stash in the dog food bag. Oops. My favorite part is how Josie is freaked out and Tyson is all, what?

—April Adams

Sex workers, submit pictures of your furballs and funds here.

Suzy Hooker is a collective byline.


  1. Ahh, sleeping on the floor in newly rented apartments. Reminds me of some old, bad memories (and some new, hopefully better times that will come)…

  2. Hahahahhaha I love this. They’re so good at looking guilty. When HM was a baby, she would get my attention by tearing up cash and then bringing the soggy little pieces to me and spitting them into my lap.

    Also: hey, it’s you. Sup?


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