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That’s Not A Facial!

How nice of 19 Action News of Cleveland, Ohio to illegally videotape the dancers at four Cleveland strip clubs. I hope a wannabe Joey Greco crossed with The Leprechaun (pole dancing in geriatric shoes and a suit) doesn’t ever film me doing the “upside-down praying mantis.”

While we’re on the subject of terminology, I’m pretty sure there are technically no facials in the video. The so-called “facial” might more accurately be described as “motorboating.” It’s not like the dancer female-ejaculated onto the guy’s face from the stage. And the girl who “appears to be totally naked and grinding her customer” isn’t actually grinding him. He would need to have a 12-inch erection for there to be any contact between her crotch and his. Not to mention the plot inconsistency with the snow at the end? (Yes, I’m sure you were distracted by Leprechaun chest bumping us too, but look at the ground!) Worst. “Exposé.” Ever.


  1. I think it’s great that they’re concerned about men spending their rent money on strippers. What about our rent money? LOL I’m sure there will be legislation against Coach next, because of all the ‘purse addicts’ spending their rent.

  2. Wow. He is HORRIBLE! And a total coke addict. So obvious. I hate these double standard, patriarch supporting pieces of monkey dung. He’s hating on strippers to take the focus of the fact he is in to 14 year old cheerleaders. Yuck


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