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The Week In Links: July 13

“The Stripper” celebrated its 5oth anniversary of topping the charts this week.

STOP EVERYTHING—there will be a sequel to Magic Mike. We like the sound of it being “bigger.” (Wink wink.)

Texas police publicly held down and beat a pregnant woman with an outstanding prostitution charge. Officials maintain that the three officers involved “followed procedure.”

Octomom Nadya Suleman pulled a Danielle Staub when she violated the terms of her contract with a Florida strip club, so now she’s being sued.

A British former prostitute was sent to jail for 16 months after not paying taxes, prompting this fabulous New Statesman take on how the state hobbles prostitutes’ labor by not allowing them to operate as true businesspeople.

Chris Dangerfield is the Chester Brown of the UK: “I pay whores and make no secret of it. I talk about it with family and friends when they ask and often when they don’t.”

The Week In Links: May 11

photo via @angrystripper

Sarah Tressler, the Angry Stripper, has hired Gloria Allred and is suing the Houston Chronicle for sexual discrimination.

This awful sugar daddy site billboard insults everyone.

After being forbidden to bring a porn performer to prom, a high school student threw a “porn prom” at his house.

Laurenn McCubbin is in the first class of Duke’s new Master’s of Fine Arts in Experimental and Documentary Arts program.

Austalian sex workers using Twitter as a bad date line.

D’vine, Alani, Bijoux and Coco Presley: are these the names of strippers, or Beanie Babies? This piece makes a couple mild digs at strippers, but they’re just as mean to Beanie Baby collectors, so we forgive them.

Japanese porn actress Aoi Sora was sued by a particularly rabid fan for ignoring his follow request on Twitter.

Octomom Nadya Suleman is making her porn debut.

Rihanna loves strippers!

“It’s the Super Walmart of entertainment complexes,” says Disco Rick in this Miami New Times article about King of Diamonds.

The Week In Links—July 26th

A Justice for Dora/Justice for Jasmine protest in Berlin. Photo by Matthias Lehmann/Research Project Korea
A Justice for Dora/Justice for Jasmine protest in Berlin. (Photo by Matthias Lehmann/Research Project Korea)

There were Justice for Dora/Justice for Jasmine protests against violence against sex workers at Swedish and Turkish embassies in thirty six cities worldwide on the 19th, as documented by Melissa Gira Grant in her article on the movement in In These Times.

But no sooner were the protests held were two more casualties of violence against sex workers discovered—Tracy Connelly, a street sex worker in St Kilda, murdered in her van and discovered by her partner, and Philadelphia resident and trans sex worker Diamond Williams, dismembered by killer client Charles Sargent and memorialized in a vigil in Love Park on Tuesday night.

Tits and Sass co-editor Bubbles has a review up on the New Inquiry of Robert Kolker’s Lost Girls, an account of the murder of several escorts whose bodies were discovered buried along the Long Island coast. Co-editor Charlotte Shane talks about fetish client she remembers with special fondness in The Toast, and Bubbles also has a strippers’ eye view of mining boom towns up on Buzzfeed.

Hard Corps, an anti-porn documentary, sought funds on Kickstarter. The documentary claimed to delve into the world of porn and trafficking “undercover.” Melissa Gira Grant inquired as to whether all sex workers who appeared in the documentary had agreed to do so, because if not, that would be truly exploitative. The project added a new item on their FAQ claiming that all those who appeared signed permission forms, but porn actress Nina Hartley, who appears in the documentary, stated that she didn’t remember whether she’d signed such a form and she certainly had no idea at the time that the footage would be used for “Hard Corps.” Furthermore, “Hard Corps” is backed by the Salvation Army, while Kickstarter guidelines forbid charity projects. Marie Calloway at ANIMALNY and The Huffington Post UK picked up the story.

Melissa Petro challenges our society to pardon ex-sex worker women as easily as it pardons men like Eliot Spitzer in NY Magazine.

Thomas Jane, star of guy escort series Hung, reveals that he himself used to be a street sex worker who saw both men and women as clients when he was down and out in Hollywood.

The Marshall Islands government says a US report naming the country as a sex trafficking destination for women from East Asia is “totally baseless“.

Week In Links–March 22

Strass (Union of Sex Workers) protests the passive solicitation law in Pigalle Square in Paris on March 16th, 2013--photo by Zaer Belkalaï, courtesy of
Strass (Union of Sex Workers) protests the passive solicitation law in Pigalle Square in Paris on March 16th, 2013–photo by Zaer Belkalaï, courtesy of

Renowned 70s porn star Harry Reems died this Tuesday.

Apparently, you can tell a lot about a state or country by the porn it favors. The state of Kentucky has an unexpected fondness for hentai, and Britain is into girls who can squirt. Russia has a thing for Sasha Grey.

Tomorrow there is a book release party for HERE. by Lindsey Kugler at the Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland, OR. HERE. is a “mini-memoir” about Lindsey Kugler’s experience working as a social worker and for MyFreeCams.

Dr Brooke Magnanti takes on lies, damned lies, and prostitution statistics in a Guardian article this week.

Wilmington, North Carolina police officers get drunk and arrest escorts. Good times.

A bill has been introduced to the South Australian parliament which would decriminalize all forms of sex work,  based on the New Zealand model.

African trafficking survivors fleeing from Italy to Ireland find that the government is unwilling to grant them asylum.

The fact that a Brooklyn sex trafficking survivor is escorting now apparently invalidates what she suffered before, according to the prosecution, who want to drop her case.

The Week in Links: August 31

Don’t forget that today is the deadline to vote for SXSW PanelPicker. Vote for Tits and Sass! And our friends.

Not everyone in Illinois is happy about the new pole tax, which will benefit the state’s Sexual Assault Prevention Fund. Disapproval of the tax spanned across political party lines and gender, according to a graph published on

Bubbles wrote about “The Art of the National Convention Strip Club Trend Piece” at Jezebel, because she just couldn’t take it anymore.

But, since we’re already talking about it: the RNC has not delivered the long anticipated revenue boost to Tampa strip clubs that everyone had been so excited about, says the New York Daily NewsPerez Hilton begs to differ, saying that some clubs have doubled their profits this week.

Shockingly, someone wrote an article about Tampa strippers that was actually about a real thing: healthcare. A hearty T&S pat on the back to Scott Keyes for this ThinkProgress article.

The Austin American-Statesman published an editorial critiquing the criminalization of sex workers from a fiscal standpoint: Texas has an estimated 352 women in jail for prostitution, each of whom is costing the state $15,000-$18,000 a year. Texas also has a unique law that makes a person’s third misdemeanor prostitution conviction a felony, punishable by imprisonment in a state facility.

Fox News figured out that sex workers advertise on—you can’t get anything past those guys!

A brothel bust in Manassas, Va., resulted in nine arrests, and a sting in Columbus, Ohio, resulted in “at least” 16.