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The Week In Links: October 19

Seattle feminist group Grrl Army made the news with a spectacular bright pink graffiti paint job on a closed motel. Slogans promoting sex workers’ rights covered the building. The video above comes from KOMO.

British activist Kat Banyard has bad feels about sex work (“The sex industry held itself up as the promised land of feminism”). Leave it to Melissa Gira Grant to respond in animated GIFs.

Amanda Brooks reviewed Legal Tender, a former Nevada legal brothel madam’s memoir. It’s five years old but it’s always worth reading Amanda’s thoughts on the subject.

The Guardian asks if strip clubs are normalized for today’s twentysomething man.

The East Bay Express published a cover story about the new breed of literate, educated sex worker activists. It reads as something of a West Coast partner piece to last week’s feature on NYC activists on

The Week In Links—April 25

A poster for stripper Jeff Tetreault's movie about, er, an anthropomorphized, detachable penis (Image via Vulture)
A poster for stripper Jeff Tetreault’s movie about, er, an anthropomorphized, detachable penis (Image via Vulture)

HuffPo set up an interview with two student sex workers through Student Sex Worker Outreach Project coordinator Adrienne Graf, whom we featured in a post the other week. One of the workers interviewed was Tits and Sass’ very own contributor Red, who valiantly resisted all of the interviewer’s efforts to sensationalize stripping.

Screenwriter and go go dancer Jeff Tetreault“Sometimes you have a good dick day, and sometimes you have a bad dick day. It’s like a good hair day and a bad hair day: Sometimes the blood just settles down there and it’s sweet — it’s an awesome dick day. And sometimes, I’m like, ‘What the hell?’ ”

John Turturro gives sex workers his vote of confidence in an interview on “Fading Gigolo,” a film he directed and starred in about a laid off bookstore employee turned escort for lonely ladies. Our only quibble is that perhaps Turturro should’ve done a bit more research first–we find it highly doubtful that a middle aged guy sex worker in most heterosexual markets would be netting “$1k for each hour of his time, plus a $500 tip.”

OK, so this guy’s thesis is that the development of sexbots will somehow lead to the adoption of basic income, once the state is inundated with a bunch of human hookers put out of work by robots. Right, because the government obviously gives a shit if sex workers go the way of cottage weavers.

Nearly 65,000 sex workers and their family members across Bengal have decided not to vote for any candidates this year, planning to press the NOTA (None of the Above) button instead. Bhurati Dey, sex workers’ rights organization Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee secretary, stated: “None of the political parties have ever looked into our demands. So it is our conscious decision to opt for the NOTA option.” In Forbesganj, Dehli, and Kolkata, Mumbai based federation of sex workers Aastha Parivaar and nonprofit organization Apne Aap Women Worldwide have also taken action on the eve of the election, collecting demands from regional sex workers for politicians. 

What is it really like to work in a brothel? This Buzzfeed piece won’t really tell you much about that, but it will let you know all about Dennis Hof’s ego.

The Week In Links—January 3

April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman—can we trust them with the Lusty? (Photo by Nick Gripton on Flickr, image via The Eater)
April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman–can we trust them with the Lusty? (Photo by Nick Gripton on Flickr, image via Eater)

The Lusty Lady’s vacant space will be reopened by Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield, who own the cafe next door, as a cocktail bar which “will pay homage to what the Lusty Lady was…the wonderful seediness, and the dying breed of seediness.” Apparently, “initial design ideas include…a riff on peepshow windows ‘wherein a customer inserts a dollar and then a window opens to reveal a bartender—instead of a stripper.’ ” Holy hipster gentrification, Batman.

The Game told TMZ he writes off strip clubs and medical weed on his taxes.

Rebecca Woodard, one of Eliot Spitzer’s escorts, was pimped by the city of New York: “Manhattan prosecutors insisted she continue seeing clients while working undercover—and then forced her to turn over all of her earnings and gifts.” Oh, and Spitzer  wanted to pretend to be a self-defense instructor testing a student by attacking her. Yay gubernatorial role play.

Former Chicago cop Steven Mandell was secretly taped vacillating over which strip club owner he should murder in order to most easily take over their business. Decisions, decisions.

Honduras Redtrasex, the Network of Sex Workers of Honduras, demand justice for the murder of four local sex workers on December 30th, when five Centre City San Pedro Sula sex workers were shot, including one heavily pregnant woman. One woman survived and is in the hospital in stable condition. RedTrasex’s statement also noted another recent sex worker murder on December 15th.

Melissa Gira Grant lists her picks for 2013’s Best Sex Work Writing. Tits and Sass is honored to have so many of our posts, as well as outside posts by our contributors and co-editors, included.

New regulations came into effect on January 1st  in Saskatchewan which allow bars in the province to feature strippers. Anticipating this provincial change in liquor law, Saskatoon’s city council voted to isolate strip clubs in heavy industrial zones, legislation in the same spirit as the adult services bylaw they passed in July 2012, which requires escorts, massage parlor owners and anyone working in adult entertainment to get a business license. More tut tutting and talk ABOUT sex workers from city officials without any input FROM sex workers is covered in the Star Phoenix.

Meanwhile, new federal Canadian laws which went into effect on Dec. 31st ensure that labor market opinion applications from employers seeking to hire foreign workers in the sex industry will no longer be approved. These rules come almost seven years after the federal Conservatives first promised to put an end to the “Liberal strippergate,” in which temporary work permits were issued to hundreds of exotic dancers by the previous government. “Strippergate,” seriously? Hiring migrant workers is somehow a scandal worthy practice?

The Good Men Project does it again, contributing to the flourishing genre composed of I Am A Non Sex Working Middle Class White Woman And Here Are All My Tormented Feelings About Strip Clubs pieces.

The Week in Links: September 16

Slut Walk in Las Vegas challenges rape culture and called on authorities to stop blaming victims.

Celebrity Minka Kelly captivates media outlets discussing relationship with her recently deceased “stripper mother.”

A study investigates how gender equity affects the images used in porn.

Actress and filmmaker Kelly Oldham uses her dark period as a phone sex operator as raw material for her new film Barracuda. Comedian Lisa-Skye also uses anecdotes from former PSO job for her new show.

In Nigeria, an ex-prostitute attempts to burn down church due to Catholic ex-lover who initially liberated her from prostitution and then left her.

Strip club cocktail waitress fired for refusing to give TLC back massages to customers sues on grounds of sexual harassment.

Porn performer Danny Wylde explains why porn is the new punk.

The Week in Links: August 24

We’re getting a little tired of the endless headlines about Tampa strippers gearing up for the Republican National Convention. But it’s almost over, so here ya go, one more. It’s kind of cute when the owner of Thee Dollhouse estimates that his average customer’s age is “somewhere between 35 and 80 years old.”
Lisa Ann talks politics and performance (and yes, the upcoming RNC) with the Miami New Times.

Sex workers are real people, for real—a writer at The Gloss met some and proved it.

A porn performer in L.A. tested positive for syphilis, leading to a hiatus in film production. Porn star Mr. Marcus claims that he’s the one to blame, and admitted to masking his positive test results in order to continue working.