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The Week In Links–April 19th

Kitty Stryker and Siouxsie Q looking foxy for the mainstream media (screenshots from the CNN Money video)
Kitty Stryker and Siouxsie Q looking foxy for the mainstream media, TARDIS dress and all (screenshots from the CNN Money video)

Anti-trafficking ideologues are wringing their hands in dismay and blaming the Hawaii police for not being able to find the hordes of sex trafficking victims that surely must be out there somewhere. Yet arrests are turning up no trafficking victims whatsoever.

A Pennsylvania cop going undercover accepted a blowjob from a suspected prostitute before arresting her. He was so unashamed of his actions he detailed them in his police report, and the police department also found no problem with this officer’s behavior.

Laura Agustin is characteristically awesome on Alternet, asking why migrant sex workers need saving.

More coverage from the London Evening Standard on the Westminster Council study which demonstrated that the recession is putting London sex workers at more risk of violence. We love the fact that the image used here is one of sex workers protesting, rather than the usual cliched graphic of high heels in low lighting, and we love that members of the British government are urging the wider adoption of the Merseyside model (treating crimes against sex workers as hate crimes.) We could do without the xenophobic undertones here, though–“those foreigners are taking our sex work jobs!”

Amber Dawn and Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore have a dialogue in the Advocate about sex work, memoir writing, cycles of violence, and queer community.

The New Orleans Police Department want to squelch wild rumors that a missing teacher is the victim of sex trafficking Russian mobsters. If they didn’t want this sort of hysteria, maybe they shouldn’t have spread trafficking panic during the Super Bowl.

Rachel Kramer Bussel covers the Feminist Porn Awards for the Daily Beast. Courtney Trouble, Madison Young, and Tristan Taormino make an appearance.

Calling Margaret Thatcher a prostitute is insulting to sex workers, National Union of Metalworkers of SA’s second deputy president Christine Olivier told members of her union. “It implies that they are collectively at par with the reactionary Thatcher rather than members of the working class. So comrades [from] KZN [KwaZulu-Natal] may you use another word when you refer to Margaret Thatcher,” she went on.

So it looks like women who were trafficked into domestic labor in the United Arab Emirates are running away and going into sex work. I bet anti-sex trafficking crusaders are gonna have a hard time getting their heads around that.

The Week In Links: July 15

New York Gov. Cuomo is considering a bill that would increase penalties for those convicted of street prostitution. You can sign a petition discouraging him from doing so.

Whorelover is an anthology being compiled of essays from the partners of sex workers. Today is the last day for submissions.

Over the past three years, 44 women have been murdered in Mexicali, Mexico. The vast majority were prostitutes.

In 1998, the boyfriend and pimp of a Welsh prostitute were convicted of her murder—only to have a client later confess to being the sole guilty party. Now, police are being charged with conspiracy to “pervert the course of justice” for their involvement in the unjust convictions.

A Canadian city counsel decided to spend $500,000 of taxpayer money to buy and shut down a strip club, preventing the Hell’s Angels from buying it for the more reasonable $346,000. Well done, elected officials!

Six Florida strip club employees accepted a settlement after suing the city for a policeman’s illegal strip search. The police department still denies wrong-doing.

A Houston club is being sued over its racist policies.

Portland has a club called Pitiful Princesses. Kat would probably be pleased to play Pitbull preceded by Prince at Pitiful Princesses’ potentially packed premiere party.

A New Mexico escort talks about how the recent prostitution board bust has affected her work.

The Week in Links—November 14th

image courtesy Amanda Brooks
(image courtesy Amanda Brooks)

Amanda Brooks published this post about the ordeal a client put her and Jill Brenneman through over the past two years. It’s a horrifying and compelling must-read.

Scarlet Road, a documentary about an Australian escort and her disabled clients, is showing at the Columbus International Film Fest.

An Irish sex work abolitionist group is making fake sex worker profiles on Tinder, conflating sex work with sex trafficking in an attempt to drum up support for abolition.

The defeat of the “End Demand” addition to the UK’s End Modern Slavery bill will not stop the implementation of the Swedish Model in Northern Ireland, where the criminalization of paying for sex passed a few weeks ago over the protests of sex workers and their allies.

Naomi Sayers writes about the reality of being an indigenous woman and a sex worker and the way that marginalized people are betrayed by the people entrusted with their protection.

The drummer of AC/DC doesn’t like when escorts play with his pet dog.

Thuli Khoza, the co-ordinator of Sisonke Durban (the Durban chapter of the South African sex workers’ rights organization Sisonke) discusses the work Sisonke does around outreach, education, and advocating for decriminalization in South Africa.

The Week in Links: October 28

Chris Myers, mayor of Medford, N.J., and the latest GOP-er to get caught up in a Rentboy scandal, claims he “doesn’t know” if the photos of him in his underwear (posted online by the Rentboy himself) are real or not.

SWOP is seeking new board members—spread the word!

As a new SWOP chapter is opening in St. Louis, a local LGBT publication urges their community to be tolerant toward sex workers.

Former N’Sync member Lance Bass is producing a Broadway play about an escort agency, potentially starring Kirstie Alley as a pimp.

The Week in Links: December 16

Pole dancing may soon become an Olympic sport.

Art Hage, pastor at the Hurricane Bible Church and Ministries in West Virginia, has big pans for a nearby abandoned building that used to be the Pink Pony strip club. Hage will transform the former “haven of evil” into another church, if only he can raise $800,000.

The Maine Human Rights Commission found PTs Showclub guilty of discrimination for firing a black dancer because of her ethnicity.

Long Island police discovered a corpse that they believe is the remains of Shannan Gilbert, a sex worker who disappeared in May 2010. Bizarrely, Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer believes she may have accidentally drowned in the swamp where her body was found, and that she was not a victim of the Long Island serial killer.

Three men and one woman in China have been arrested as suspects in the murder of 10 people, including eight sex workers, between 1998 and 2004.

The New York Post has figured out that strippers can make pretty decent money.

The Sundial (the student newspaper at Cal State Northridge) profiles a few sex workers pursuing higher education, including Jessie Nicole, director of SWOP-LA.