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The Week in Links: August 26

The Christian crusade against pornography addiction wages on, as pastors are bringing up sex more regularly during services. According to a CNN article published this week, modern pastors are concerned porn will lead “to a lack of intimacy in marriage, threatening the biblical mandate to get and stay married.”

PETA announced plans to launch, a site that will offer pornographic movies side-by-side with films about animal mistreatment.

Bubbles takes on the anti-stripper message of Weezy’s latest video, “How to Love.”

A Toronto paper published a tribute to recently deceased sex work activist Wendy Babcock.

Apparently, not everyone loves vagina pageants as much as Kat and our readership. Meanwhile, mainstream porn is getting blamed for the rise of labiaplasty.

The Week In Links: November 9

via Uprising Radio

The biggest news for sex workers this week was, of course, California, where voters passed two new pieces of legislation invasive of sex workers’ privacy. voted to pass Proposition 35, the frightening anti-trafficking bill that may make sex offenders of a whole lot of people, and Los Angeles County voters passed Measure B, which would require porn performers to use condoms.

Melissa Gira Grant wrote a comprehensive summary of the potential harm Prop 35 could do. After Election Day, she recapped the potential effects on her blog.

The ACLU and EFF filed suit to stop parts of Prop 35, mainly those that require sex offenders to report all online usernames, and were granted a temporary restraining order.

Carol Leigh interviewed researcher Alexandra Lutnick, a researcher working on evaluating programs working with trafficked minors, about why she opposed Prop 35.

The Week in Links: November 2

During a dressing room brawl at Hot Bodies in Austin TX, a stripper put out a man’s eye with her shoe. She’s been booked on assault charges, and the arrest warrant stated “In the manner of its use, the high heel shoe could have been a deadly weapon.”

The New York Times sided with the dissenting opinion in the Nite Moves case.

Lawmakers in Queensland, Australia are working to amend anti-discrimination laws to allow hotel owners to refuse to rent to sex workers.

Tomorrow profiles “Sue,” the Nairobi prostitute who authored the Nairobi Nights blog.

Tits and Sass contributor Elle writes about “mommy porn” at Elephant Journal.

The Week In Links: October 26

“I’m not a prostitute. I just get paid to help awkward men have sex”—every sex surrogate

File under We Saw This Coming: Trend pieces about sex surrogates ahead of the theatrical release of The Sessions feature sex surrogates insisting that what they do isn’t prostitution.

An undercover cop posed as exotic dancer to bust pill-pushing doctor in NJ.

Rachel Aimee responds to some of the content in the feature about NYC sex work activists.

Artist Molly Crabapple writes about her time as a nude model, harassment, and non-visible assets at Vice. “I made $250 cash, and swore off honest employment forever.”

A Montreal borough mayor, Réal Ménard, is “calling for support from the City of Montreal and the Société d’habitation du Québec (SHQ) to provide funds to build supervised apartments for the exclusive use of female prostitutes.” He’s calling for it because he says 90% of the prostitutes there live “in crackhouses,” but it’s still a nice gesture.

The Week In Links: November 16

You can tell she’s a stripper at a funeral by the Uggs.

An obituary for an Albany strip club owner: “Sal DiCarlo was laid to rest on Friday, a strip club owner who was fondly remembered as a father figure to two generations of exotic dancers.”

Male prostitutes outnumber their female counterparts 2:1 in Sweden. Even more interesting is this: “Half of the clients of male and female prostitutes under the age of 26 were also under the age of 26.”

The internet killed the sex worker.” Really?

Last Sunday’s New York Times “Room for Debate” featured eight different takes on “Should Pornography Come Out Of The Closet?” by everyone from Gail Dines and Bob Jensen to Candida Royalle.

Madonna asked fans to make it rain on her to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims while she stripped on stage during her MSG show.

Tits and Sass fave James Deen explores the many problems with Measure B for XOJane.

“Is exotic dancing art?”: The Colbert Report covers New York strip club Night Moves’ fight for tax exempt status.

The last strip club in Cincinnati, a Deja Vu that was closed last year, is going to become a Boys and Girls Club.