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The Week in Links: June 8

Dennis Hof just returned to the states from the U.K., where he gave a talk at Oxford University on legalizing prostitution. (Beware of his racial stereotypes and blaming all exploitation of women on immigrants, but it’s kind of funny when he compares fidelity in marriage to the Tooth Fairy.)

Channing Tatum says that after the release of Magic Mike, an upcoming film based on his own past as a stripper, he will “never do or talk anything about stripping after this ever, ever again.” But then he says he’s just kidding—at Tits and Sass, we know all too well how hard it is to ever stop talking about sex work.

During the Miss USA Pageant last Sunday, Miss Ohio Audrey Bolte cited Julia Roberts as prostitute Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman as a positive depiction of women in film. This didn’t make Miss Bolte too popular in the media.

Canadian porn actor Luke Magnotta was captured in Berlin this week and arrested for the murder of his former lover. Magnotta allegedly videotaped himself dismembering 33-year-old Jun Lin, and then mailed various body parts to Canadian politicians. The Observer has implied that Magnotta might also be linked to the murder and dismemberment of a Los Angeles man whose body was discovered last January, but the L.A. Times has refuted this. is suing the state of Washington over a new law that would require the site to verify the age of people posting adult service ads. According to Elizabeth MacDougall, general counsel of Village Voice Media Holdings, the new law would violate the Communications Decency Act of 1996, as well as the First Amendment and other parts of the U.S. Constitution.

The Week in Links: September 30

Two Brazilian pole dance champs held an “impromptu dance-battle” at a Rio de Janeiro dance studio.

Sino Weibo, the Chinese version of Alexa DiCarlo, was outed as a 31-year old married man living in Hangzou. He was fined 500 renminbi (about $79) for “cheating the public with fabricated facts” and “disrupting social order.”

Pervs from around the country convened last weekend at the Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco’s annual BDSM and fetish festival.

The Week In Links—July 18

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 11.54.58 AM
(photo via Stoya’s Instagram page)


More from Vice on why the closure of MyRedbook is dangerous for sex workers.

Tech Savvy Sex Workers Trade Pimps For Web Pages: despite the cringe-inducing title the article is actually a pretty good look at class stratification among sex workers and the safety offered by internet advertising.

Sex worker advocate Ye Haiyan has been barred from leaving China to attend the World AIDS Summit. This is not the first time Haiyan has been persecuted by the government in her decade of sex work activism, but it is part of a new and larger crackdown against sex work.

25 sex workers were killed in Baghdad this week when a gunman attacked a residential building, leaving behind graffiti that read, “This is the fate of any prostitution.

How the Financial Sector Makes Sex Workers Lives Miserable: the recent closure of porn performers’ bank accounts isn’t the first time the financial sector has worked against sex workers; it’s part of a systemic problem called whorephobia.

The Week In Links: August 3

photo by Susannah Breslin

Susannah Breslin reports from the Exxotica Porn Convention on how the business has changed over the last decade.

A series of home invasions and robberies in San Francisco targeted Asian sex workers.

A volunteer EMT’s past as a porn performer is a source of controversy in Roanoke County, VA.

Looks like the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee wasn’t able to prove that Sheldon Adelson makes money off of letting prostitutes work his Macau casino. Yet.

New Zealand taekwondo fighter Logan Campbell ran a brothel in 2009-2010 to fund his training (prostitution is legal in New Zealand). We eagerly await a story about a female athlete who worked in one to fund hers.

The Week In Links: November 16

You can tell she’s a stripper at a funeral by the Uggs.

An obituary for an Albany strip club owner: “Sal DiCarlo was laid to rest on Friday, a strip club owner who was fondly remembered as a father figure to two generations of exotic dancers.”

Male prostitutes outnumber their female counterparts 2:1 in Sweden. Even more interesting is this: “Half of the clients of male and female prostitutes under the age of 26 were also under the age of 26.”

The internet killed the sex worker.” Really?

Last Sunday’s New York Times “Room for Debate” featured eight different takes on “Should Pornography Come Out Of The Closet?” by everyone from Gail Dines and Bob Jensen to Candida Royalle.

Madonna asked fans to make it rain on her to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims while she stripped on stage during her MSG show.

Tits and Sass fave James Deen explores the many problems with Measure B for XOJane.

“Is exotic dancing art?”: The Colbert Report covers New York strip club Night Moves’ fight for tax exempt status.

The last strip club in Cincinnati, a Deja Vu that was closed last year, is going to become a Boys and Girls Club.